What You Need To Start A Dental Practice

what dentists need start dental practice

Starting a dental practice in the UK is not as complicated as you may think. If you have the experience and knowledge, you can quite quickly start your own practice. Most dentists and associates in the UK start their careers dreaming of starting a squat practice and then growing it to great heights, expanding their business, and eventually making a huge business out of it. If this sounds like you, you've come to the right place. 

Starting a dental practice means doing everything from scratch. With challenges, surprises, unknown expenses, pitfalls, and more, you could be at the receiving end of a lot of stress. You would have to consider rent, utilities, salaries, cost of client acquisition, and more when planning the start. 

Many dentists in the UK prefer starting as associates with experienced dental professions and then starting a practice independently. When they do, they usually begin by selecting practice-appropriate locations, planning finances, and using Kent Express surgical implant supplies for all their dental equipment needs. 

We're here to help you understand what you need to start a dental practice. 


When starting a dental practice, it is essential to select a good location. Based on the budget and finances, you should consider picking the best possible site for your clientele. You should avoid moving to a commercial complex where there are too many dentists. It could lead to too much competition. Once you have established your brand and are confident in getting higher audiences, you should openly compete with other dentists. 

The location should depend wholly on the demographics of your future patients. You should consider starting a practice in a neighbourhood that matches your target audience. For example, if you plan to start a paediatric dental practice, you could think of places nearer to schools, playgroups, or residential areas. Locations around public parks are also great for attracting clients. 


Dental equipment can become quite expensive if not managed properly. When sourcing dental handpieces, medical equipment, and other necessary tools, you should always select the best for your patients. Check Primo Dental Products to know about nitrile gloves allergy. Dentists who start with good quality equipment will get more customers through word of mouth than social media and other marketing. Word of mouth publicity is always better since patients will relay their own experiences to others. 

Since there is a high possibility that your target audience has been to other dentists previously (and will be comparing your practice to others), you should pay special attention to infection control items, good quality nitrile gloves, composites, and other dental equipment. Getting advice about good quality dental products and ensuring your patients get the best dental treatment options is necessary to maintain your brand reputation. 

Soothing Interiors 

While concentrating on the interiors may seem like a waste of time or money, it is not. While you need to maintain a professional outlook on the dental practice, you also need to ensure it doesn't look clinical. Warm, inviting dental practices that do not look like clinics will help soothe patients. Many times, families with small children and young adults come for dental treatments. Children can get anxious and nervous, and some adults too. 

A soothing, inviting interior will help calm patients down without the need for anti-anxiety medication. Mellow colours, comfortable seating, and sweet-smelling candles or aroma diffusers can help people immensely. 


When you are starting a new dental practice, you will need to conduct extensive market penetration. Since new practices do not always have previous clients to give recommendations and referrals, you will have to employ excellent online media marketing strategies. 

You will have to increase brand awareness, create a need in people's minds around your neighbourhood, and reach your target audience. Social media and digital marketing campaigns, paid adverts, SEO strategies, and more can help create a buzz about your new dental practice. Most dental practices need marketing to help with promotions and developing brand reputation. 

You can use social media campaigns to offer discounts, packages, session-wise vouchers, and more. Offering discounts on treatments always attracts more patients in the long term. 


Once you decide on interiors, marketing, and finances, you should consider experienced staff. It is critical that, as a start-up, you hire skilled staff to help schedule patients, give correct information, and assist you with patient care. 

Inexperienced staff will not help in the long term, and your dental practice reputation may suffer for it. While experienced staff are more expensive to hire for dentist offices, they are better than starting out with freshers to save a little money.

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