How Rainbow Six Siege Has Changed And Where To Find R6 Accounts

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When Ubisoft released the video game Rainbow Six Siege back in 2015, it was a triumph. The hit series finally had a new installment, and after appealing to a massive new player base, it was evident that the new Rainbow Six shooter was a game to revel in. 

The thing is, if you played the game when it was released, and played it again today, you’d be pleasantly surprised to see what the game has been carefully, but radically crafted into. It has managed to maintain its original appeal to existing players, as well as new ones, and with the ability to pick up cheap ready made R6 accounts, it is never been a better time to start playing. Or if you already have an account full of games, the best alternative is to buy a Rainbow Six Siege account and start it off this way. 

With a lot of fine tweaking and adjustments, it is fair to say Rainbow Six Siege has aged like a fine wine. The experience has only improved with age, becoming one of the most brilliant first person shooter games in recent years. 

There are loads of new additions to talk about since its release. In fact there are too many to go through individually for this FPS - I mean, no stone has been left unturned that is for sure. 

The developers have managed to forge new ideas to keep the game appealing, fresh and exciting to play, and have done so with huge success. While still managing to stay true to its original concept, it is a title that hasn’t been left to wither, but has been taken through continuous updates and changes in order to craft a new playing experience since its launch. 

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing though - any fan of the game can vouch for that. Players have encountered numerous bugs in the game, but Ubisoft have given their all to try and quash the frequency and severity of gameplay issues. With the amount of additions and changes made to the game, bugs were always going to be inevitable, but there’s never been any game- breaking bugs that have ruined the overall experience. 

It is no surprise then, that in 2020, the game hit a worldwide player base of 55 million and now 75 million gamer accounts in 2023. Siege has always managed to grow its player count, and if you’ve played it recently, you will know why. It is become one of the most popular first person shooters, and if you have not played it yet, or are thinking about getting back into it, you should buy a Rainbox Six Siege account now! 

If you get the chance, go back and see how much the video game has changed. And if starting from scratch puts you off, you don’t have to when you buy a Rainbow Six Siege account!

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