3 Mistakes Creating A Video Marketing Strategy

mistakes avoid video marketing strategy

Did you know that 43% of people want more video content? 

Many businesses aren't jumping aboard the trend of making video content to appease their target audience. Even when brands do use video marketing in their strategies, consumers want more. 

A video marketing strategy is an efficient way to help clients engage with your brand. After watching a video, it will be easier for them to connect with you to buy products, follow your accounts, or join your mailing list. 

Keep reading for our guide on the three common mistakes you need to avoid when creating a video marketing strategy. 

1. Don't Make Your Videos Too Long 

While it is true that consumers want more video content, one of the biggest video marketing mistakes is making content that is too long. 

Your goal when creating video marketing content should be for your viewer to watch to the end, where you will typically include a call to action. If your content is too long, they might become uninterested and click away before it ends. 

Be sure to find the sweet spot when creating content and decide what your clients will enjoy watching. 

The length of your video content can depend on what platform you are posting on. Do your research and see what works for you. For example, YouTube videos will be longer than videos you post on Instagram. 

2. Don't Focus on Selling 

You might think that video marketing means all your content needs to include selling your products to your viewers, but that is not the case. Instead, you want your videos to be engaging and worth watching. 

Including a call to action in your videos is a good way to point viewers in the right direction, but don't make your video all about advertising a product. Video content should be interesting to the viewer and something that they enjoy watching. Don't go for the hard sell, or at least not right away an at least not on every video you create.

3. Poor Video Production Quality 

In the new year there are so many unique ways for you to improve the quality of the videos you shoot. Even smartphones have cameras on them that shoot in 4k that will help to improve the way your video looks for your audience. 

Videos with poor production can be one of the biggest video marketing strategy mistakes because people won't want to watch them. 

Besides focusing on the way your video looks, you should also consider how it sounds. Buying a microphone can help improve the sound quality of your video immensely and draw people in. 

This article from Killerspots Agency can help point you in the right direction for making a video commercial that can help get you more sales on your products. 

How To Create A Video Marketing Strategy 

As you can see, there are some easy things that you need to avoid when creating a video marketing strategy for your brand. Make sure to follow our tips, and you will have clients loving the video content and YouTube vids that you create. 

If you are looking for more tips and tricks on your business multimedia strategies, we have you covered. Be sure to keep scrolling our page for more informative advice on video marketing strategy, vid editing, digital marketing, and much more!

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