5 Ways Lenticular Printing Can Help Build Brand Recognition

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Has your marketing strategy come to a screeching halt? Are you unsure how to effectively reach your target audience with your advertising? 

Billboards, social media campaigns, t-shirts, random stunts... it can feel like everything has been done. But, there are still ways to build brand recognition. One of them is lenticular printing. 

Lenticular printing combines images to create motion, change, and depth from different angles. You can use this as part of a marketing display, such as in magazines or movie posters. 

So, why use lenticular printing for your business? Keep reading for five lenticular printing benefits that increase brand recognition for your company. 

1. Grabs Attention 

In a time where the average human attention span is roughly 8 seconds, visual content thrives. But most brands use regular printing for their visuals. Lenticular printing stops customers in their tracks unlike most traditional signage and print ads. 

Did the image just move? Similar to video, the movement of lenticular printing increases engagement. 

The magic of the image's effects holds attention far better than two-dimensional pictures. People want to keep moving to see where the image will take them. 

2. Cost-Effective 

For many businesses, building brand recognition is expensive. It involves marketing costs that are often unrealistic, especially for new companies. 

Lenticular printing does not involve significant investment. While it is more costly than regular printing, it can gain recognition much quicker. Long-term, it can work out cheaper as you do not have to keep trying different graphic campaigns. 

3. Unique And Versatile 

Do you want to have that colossal billboard after all? Lenticular printing is possible. And if your brand just needs postcards, it is also possible! 

Lenticular printing can be used in various ways, which makes it unique and versatile. This can be great for consistency with your various brand delivery applications. There are many lenticular printing applications you can research for more inspiration. 

4. Encourages Last-Minute Purchases 

Lenticular printing works well for last-minute purchases as it stands out. If a child sees a character wink at them on a shop's end-cap display, they will be hooked. Or a shopper may impulsively grab your eye-catching product before they pay thanks to your powerful printing. 

5. Increases Revenue 

A client will be more likely to keep a unique business card and give you a call. Customers will enjoy lenticular messages, and people will recognize your unique branding. 

It is not just immediate sales that lenticular printing fuels. But it also helps message retention, engagement, and recognition. All of these qualities amount to brand engagement and sales. And that's what really matters, boosting your business bottom line.

Successfully Build Brand Recognition 

There are many benefits of lenticular printing, and it is worth a try for your business. There is an initial investment, but the results of lenticular printed ads can make it worthwhile. 

It can be hard to build brand awareness in a time of constant competition and diminished attention spans. But lenticular printing appeals to visual preferences in a unique way that lasts. Lenticular print as help your brand stand out from the crowd with no expensive marketing costs. And that could be the difference between your business surviving and thriving in today's new economy.

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