Is Buying Fake YouTube Views Beneficial For A YouTube Channel?

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Getting the first thousand views and subscribers on your new YouTube channel is exceptionally challenging. It can take a long time depending on several various factors. 

Some YouTubers get their first thousand views within one month or two months, while others take three months or more. Then there are some who take more than one year. These YouTubers are those who do not post their videos consistently on their YouTube channels or offer low-quality video content to their audiences. 

This shows the higher level of competition YouTube has. And due to this competition, many YouTubers fail to make their dominating presence on YouTube. 

However, some YouTubers focus on buying fake YouTube views and subscribers to beat this competition and get on the track, which YouTube does not allow. 

In this blog, we will focus on this thing. We will comprehensively discuss whether buying fake YouTube views beneficial for your YouTube channel or not. Let's explore it. 

What Does YouTube Say About It? 

YouTube has a Fake Engagement Policy that says: 

"YouTube does not allow anything that artificially increases YouTube views, likes, comments, or other metrics either through the use of automatic systems or by serving up videos to unsuspecting viewers." 

This Fake Engagement Policy also says content that is only published to incentivize viewers for engagement purposes (such as views, likes, comments, etc.) strictly is prohibited. Any YouTube channel or content that does not follow this may be terminated or removed from YouTube with or without prior notice. 

If you have hired someone to operate or promote your YouTube channel, their decisions will impact your channel. If they take any action against the Fake Engagement Policy of YouTube, the particular content or your channel may be terminated and removed by YouTube. 

Now, one thing is clear that YouTube does not allow you to buy fake YouTube views. If you go against YouTube's Fake Engagement Policy, your channel may be terminated or removed permanently from YouTube. And the most crucial part of this is that all your published videos and earnings will be equal to zero, which means you won't be able to regain those videos and earnings in your account. 

Alternative To Buying Fake Views 

Obviously Not! Considering YouTube's Fake Engagement Policy, it is right to say that buying fake views is not beneficial at all. It can cost you termination of your YouTube channel or removal of the content. 

Now, you might be wondering what to do instead of buying fake YouTube views to promote your YouTube channel. 

Well, there are many various tips and techniques you can follow. But most importantly, you need to focus on seven things that are as follow: 

● Improve the Quality of the Content 
● Create and Publish Content Consistently 
● Focus on Search Engine Optimization 
● Do not copy the Content, Focus on Developing Fresh and Interesting Content 
● Know What Your Audience Want From You 
● Advertise Your Channel 
● Share Your Videos as Much as You Can on Different Platforms 

If you follow these seven tips and techniques, you will surely boost your channel and attract a large number of YouTube views.

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