How To Increase Views On YouTube Music Video

how to increase views youtube music video

Music is a great therapy, and this therapy has become the bread and butter of many industries as well. The industry of music is emerging, but there is so much competition in the market that not everyone can coin their name here. This becomes very difficult to cope up with for the new entrants as the market is already saturated, and the big alligators don’t let them go forward. In such scenarios, this talent is directed to YouTube. However, the competition is dense even on YouTube, and the channel owners have to put in efforts to grow. 

In this article, we have devised several ways that are helpful for the users to increase their views on YouTube music videos. Obviously, on YouTube, Buying YouTube Views the music players intend to make money, and it is imperative to gain the significant number of views to ensure the monetization. So, let’s have a look at the strategies and see how they can help the aspirant musicians on YouTube! 


When you are a new talent, people tend to focus on you (we may say the general public) so, the right way is to capture their attention. Then, when they share your YouTube mp4 videos, they feel like they are giving rage to the new talent, which makes them look excellent and knowledgeable in front of their social circle. This is what you need to make sure of. This calls for the content that people will feel good about sharing. 

According to the experts, this strategy is the most advanced one and has been creating utter engagement on the platforms. To create such great videos, you can try changing the styles from the common one and be the change that people want to see! 

The Click Me Title 

No, this doesn’t mean that you need to add “click me” in the title. Rather, it talks about adding the fun factor to the title that makes sure that people click on it. You need to make the title mysterious, curious, or you might even want to relate it to the viral factor of the day. This will make people click on the title and watch the video till the end to know the root thing. However, it is better that before you publish something on the final basis, send the titles to your friends, and see if they get curious. If its ayes, you are good to publish the video! 

Organization Is The Key 

Many musicians are versatile, and they create different types of music. If you are such a person and have created different types of music videos, make up the categories on your channel. These categories will sustain an image of an organized person (which people like). When you do this, people will also have a good and easy navigation on your channel to find the right type of music that they want to list to. 

Also, you can create playlists to ensure that people stay on your channel and watch multiple videos. This is beneficial because the watch time of the videos will be improved. Hence, the visibility will increase! 

Cross Promotion 

This is the most used the easiest way of increasing the number of views on your videos yet. When you have a good voice, people start following you that turns your social media handles into the celebrity handles. So, you need to use those social media handles to drive traffic to the videos on YouTube. Whenever you are going to upload the video, start a little countdown on your social media handles to keep the people waiting for your music. Then when you upload the video, let the audience know on social media platforms, and they will run to the YouTube to watch your videos. Buy YouTube Likes You can even ask your friends and family to share the link of your YouTube video! 

Call To Action 

If you want to create the engagement through your videos, once you are done with the singing and the music has ended, take the mic off and talk to your audience. You can ask them about their opinion regarding the video. If you do the music covers, you can ask them for the suggestion. The suggestions can be anything. Moreover, if people have been asking you some questions, answer them positively at the end of the video as it tends to create a good bond!

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