The Importance of Branding: 5 Principles

importance of branding

Besides selling a great product, what makes a brand memorable? Its logo? Its name? Its reputation among customers? The importance of branding becomes visible when a brand excels in all of the above. 

1. Have a Powerful and Catchy Name 

What’s in a name? Well, for the world’s most valuable names there are a few hundred billion USD. 

Of course, a brand’s name is not just a word or a concept. Behind it, there are many people working hard all year round. 

So, what’s the importance of a strong brand? What big brands have in common is that they started just like that: with a fresh, catchy name that sounded like nothing else. According to Crowdspring, 72% of the 100 best brands are named with made-up words or acronyms. 

importance of branding principles

2. Create A Strong And Unique Logo 

There’s no such thing as a perfect logo, but there sure is a logo that will portray your brand perfectly. Nowadays, you don’t need to be a design expert to actually design and come up with a professional result. You can even design a logo online and save a lot of time without even closing your browser. 

To have a strong logo doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s full of graphic details or striking colors. You can create a logo that is simple, yet meaningful and unique, and still delivers your brand’s message. 

How to achieve a powerful and memorable logo? Take into account that 95% of the top 100 brands use one or two colors in their logo. 

3. Encourage Sales With Versatile Tote Bags 

It’s been a while since tote bags became a part of marketing strategies. Why? Because they’re appealing and carry a message with them: your brand cares about the environment. Branded tote bags are one of the most effective ways to get your brand out there while people are shopping or running errands. 

In other words, a tote bag with your logo is potentially a walking ad that works for all kinds of businesses and can be distributed in stores, special events, conventions, meetings and more! 

Wondering how your logo would look on a tote bag? Use a tote bag mockup with different models and settings to promote your brand.

tote bag with logo

4. Produce Thrilling Content 

Take time to participate in social media and to keep your content interesting and updated. 

Create valuable content that keeps your brand alive, and take time to make a content strategy for every season and every product or service you’ll be launching throughout the year. Make sure you include special offers, holidays, and be consistent. 

Aim to engage with customers via social media. Don’t leave them hanging after they took the time to review your product or sent feedback about something regarding your brand. 

5. Project A Straightforward Brand Personality 

Set a clear personality for your brand, a tone of voice, and how it communicates with customers. Write this down and make it your compass when creating branded content and sharing information about your business. 

Besides the personality –which is just a concept– focus on those things that are tangible. For example, displays and brand packaging. Creative packaging plays an important role during the whole buying experience because it sends a message too. 

Make an effort to create attractive packaging that customers haven’t seen before. Take time to write witty copy and let your product do the talking! 

So, after reading all of this, why is branding important? To summarize, it’ll help to grow your brand, and it is as relevant to big international brands as it should be to small businesses everywhere. Branding is the fuel that will keep your business going, and keep your customers interested in buying.

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