5 Jobs For Postpartum Mothers To Earn Money At Home

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Becoming a stay at home mother can be difficult especially when you are used to waking up every morning and going to an office or another job. The transition can be a transition that drives some people crazy. 

That is why we want to provide you with a few jobs that are ideal for mothers that have begun to start working from home as a way to make some additional money. These jobs are jobs that may fit within your newfound schedule that you've established with your little one and family. 


A transcriptional is someone that takes recordings or other audio files and transceiver them into written documentation for legal, medical, or secretarial purposes. Depending on what firm you choose to work for transcribing these files can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours to finish. 

It is a job that you can work at your own pace. Which is important because when you have a child, it can be difficult to sit down and stay focused on completing work. Transcribing is a job that you can pause and come back to it and it will pick up in the exact place that you paused at. 

Jobs will require that you be able to type at least 75 words per minute. And they also require that you return all of your transcribed files without any spelling or grammatical errors. 

Online Tutor 

An online tutor may be a tutor that specializes in the subject of languages. This is because when it comes to online tutoring it is usually that you are tutoring people that are overseas and of indifferent dialect. 

This also means that you will have to take up and operate at hours that are different from the specific hours in your time zone. Or you may be tutoring children that are close to where you live and helping them with any assignments that they may need help with. 

The great thing about tutoring is that you can set the price that you get paid when it comes to tutoring. And it provides you with additional income that you may need for your family. 

Accounting Clerk 

Someone that is an accounting clerk takes responsibility for all of the financial records which means that you are responsible for bank statements and correcting any errors, processing transactions, preparing reports, and providing secretarial support to the administrative staff. This can be great for someone that is a stickler for organization. 

Skills that you will need in order to be an accounting clerk are bookkeeping, word processing, and data entry which are all important to be able to do your job properly and to the best of your ability. This is a great job because you can find places near you that allow you to do the job full time or at a freelance kind of pace. 

Health Coach 

This is a very important job because mothers that have just given birth one of their main priorities is getting back into the routine of a healthy lifestyle. This can be extremely difficult because trying to balance a routine with a newborn can offset your normal routine and make it difficult to focus on yourself and getting back into exercising. 

It is also a wonderful job because you can help to mentor and be an outlet for mothers that are suffering from postpartum depression. It's better to speak with someone that can relate to the things that you've been through rather than speaking with someone who has no idea what she could possibly be going through no matter how hard they try to understand and relate. 

Marketing Specialist 

A marketing specialist's job is to determine the strategy that a business will undergo to push their business to the target audience. It is your job to focus on branding and outreach for your specified company. 

You will really need to be driven to take on this job as it requires a bit more time at a desktop than other jobs do. Therefore you will need a way to properly monitor your baby. Don’t worry we have provided suggestions for monitoring your child while you get work done as well.

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