7 Crazy Ways To Splurge Your Gambling Winnings

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Suddenly acquiring a large amount of wealth is the problem that everyone wants to have. After all, no one knows what to do with billions of kroner. It is the best problem to have in Norway. 

After using some casino strategies from the Nytt casino page, this could be your problem as well. So, it’s best to enter the page prepared for this. With the help of our expert, Jorgen Aasgen, we’ve developed some answers for this problem. Here are seven crazy ways to splurge your gambling winnings. 

#1 Vacation 

Taking a vacation sounds simple enough, right? However, with the recent developments in the COVID-19 virus, it might be easier said than done. Your best option for a nice getaway is to go somewhere with as few people as possible. 

So, why not buy a private island? Jim Cay, a private island in the Bahamas, costs 72 368 100 kr. The island is 8 acres and is surrounded by bright blue ocean water. Just picture it: the sandy beach, the warm sunshine, and no one around to bother you or your family for miles. 

However, maybe you don’t want to leave the country. That’s fine. You could always get a private island here in Norway. 

Ulvsnes Island is a private island in Norway. It costs 30 000 000 kr. The island has an organic, environmentally friendly farm and a smokehouse. There are also hiking trails in the forests. In total, the island has 30 buildings on it. It also possesses a parking space and a dock for boats. 

#2 Investment 

Perhaps it would be fiscally responsible to invest. Don’t worry; we have you covered. 

In 2018, Action Comics No. 1 sold for 17 689 881.60 kr. This issue was the first Superman comic. 

Alternatively, you could purchase a piece of music history. Currently, a guitar used by Jimi Hendrix is selling for 1 081 531.00 kr.

#3 Housing 

Here’s a more classical approach to wealth: a home. After all, if you won a large amount of money, you should live in luxury. 

Villa Forvald in Skien, Norway, costs 18 000 000 kr. This beautiful mansion was built over 130 years ago. The current owner made sure to provide furnishings that match the time this building was constructed in. In total, it has 31 rooms. 

This mansion includes a beautiful library with a double door leading out to a second-floor balcony. The lower ground lower consists of the more modern amenities, such as a home theatre, a wine cellar, and a fitness room. To complete the place, the grounds outside are landscaped in an early 20th-century style. 

#4 Car 

Everyone loves new cars. So, why not treat yourself with a new one? Currently, there is a 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari for sale in California. It costs 23 881 328 kr. The vehicle is a coupe with a black paint job. To add to its mystique, it is one of only 499 that were made. 

#5 Food and Drink 

Perhaps you prefer fine dining. If that’s the case, don’t worry. 

Lofoten Fiskerestaurant has a wide array of seafood options for you to consider. Their dinners range from three to five courses. The five-course meal from the chef’s menu includes tuna tartare, wild garlic soup, hake, a platter of Scandinavian cheeses, and espresso mousse. This meal costs 785 kr. They also serve a large shellfish platter for two for 825 kr per person and fresh lobster for 1 250 kr. 

#6 Charity 

We’ve all thought of at least one cause that we’d like to contribute to. With your winnings from the casinos, you would finally have the power to do so. 

MacKenzie Scott is an excellent example of billionaire charitability. She donated nearly 52 billion kr to charitable causes in 2020. She’d given almost 36 billion kr to 384 groups, such as food banks, affordable housing lenders, and organisations dedicated to racial equality. 

#7 Return Trip 

Perhaps the craziest, most enjoyable splurge you could have with your casino winnings is to go back to the casino and play some more. Using some casino tricks, you could wind up doubling your winnings. Regardless, it’s a thrill to try again on your triumphant return. 


There are many different ways to spend casino winnings, from food to a private island. But you won’t get to experience any of these opportunities if you don’t take a chance and gamble greatly.

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