How to Create a Membership Site People Will Pay For

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Being part of something greater is a desire all humans have. 

This can be seen in things such as church groups, community volunteer programs, and workout classes. There is something special about human connection and feeling included. 

A great way to virtually boost human connection is by offering services that allow for membership. However, to really pull people in, you will want to create a membership site that people will want to pay for. 

If you are not sure how to create a membership site, make sure to keep reading below. We are here to help you build a membership website with gated content that pays. 

Build a Plan 

When you don't know what you are doing, you can't expect your customers to know what they are doing. Create a solid plan for your memberships and your site. 

Determine membership levels, pricing, and what each level includes. Design your site in a way that allows for easy access for each level. 

You will also want to plan a general layout and flow to your site. What do you want people to see when they first land on your page? How do you want to present membership information to them? 

Find a Platform 

Once you have your plan, you will want to explore membership site platforms. Find a website builder that fulfills all of your needs and allows for easy access across all devices. 

As you search, make sure the platforms are not only friendly for customers but that they are also user-friendly. Many platform sites offer quick membership plugins you will want to install as you create a paid membership site. Check out this membership builder to start your search. 

Create Sneak Peeks 

Don't leave all of the fun stuff on your site for just members. You will want to give sneak peeks to draw people into buying the membership. 

Create a section of the site where people can check out all of your marketing materials, including funny pictures and videos. These materials should explain to them what benefits they will be gaining by paying for your membership. 

You will also want to create a section of the site that allows for easy contact. Some people may have questions before making a financial commitment. Set up an email form, and make sure to respond to people quickly. 

Advertise Your Membership 

In order to get people to buy your memberships, they first have to know about your membership. Dive into the world of social media to promote your paywall protected membership website. 

Create exciting social media campaigns to draw people to your site. You can even advertise discount codes people can use to score a sweet deal on your membership. 

Create a Membership Site That's Sure to Boost Business 

It is easy to create a membership site, but it's a bit trickier to create a membership site people will want to pay for. Don't forget to fully read the quick guide above on how to create a membership site that makes more money. 

Start by developing a plan and understanding exactly what you are offering through your memberships. Find a platform that's easy for you and your customers to use. Make sure to include fun sneak peeks into your membership on your site to justify your paywall and increase income. 

Membership Site Creation Conclusion

Membership sites can make you a lot of money if you know what you are doing. For more business tips, take time to browse the rest of our membership-free site with no gated content. We have plenty of reads on topics such as web design, community management, content marketing, SEO, and digital marketing.

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