Beginners Guide To Magento

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Are you looking to expand your business but don't want to feel stifled by the growing competition? Additionally, do you want a platform that will allow you to upgrade and expand according to your wishes? Then Magento is the right eCommerce platform for you. Know that there are thousands of business owners, retailers, who have already opted for Magento and improved their business. 

But if you are new to Magento then don't worry, we will guide you and tell you all about it. Just scroll on below to learn more about Magento e-commerce solutions. 

What Are The Basics Of Magento? 

 Choose The Magento You Want 

If you have decided to carry on with Magento then you need to select the edition you are going for. You can choose the Commerce Cloud or the Open Source version. The former is a tailor-made and paid solution so you will get better scalability and performance out of it. Note that the open-source version is free for download and is perfect for developers who can operate Magento. 

If you are not a developer then it's advised that you stick with the paid version since that will give you a ready-made version to use. But if you are not willing to pay for the platform and want to check out how it works, then the open-source version will be temporarily right for you. 

 Migrate Your Store To Magento 

Know that by using the EAV model or Entity-Attribute-Value system you will be able to bring your entire database to Magento. If you are worried about your orders and customers, then know that there is no need to be. All of your categories, products, customers, and orders will get transferred. However, you need to write up a coherent script to tie and sync it all together. If you want to build a new business, then that's easy as well. Magento will give you the accessories, functionalities, and everything needed to build your store. 

 Custom Support 

If you are having trouble with Magento then there is no need to worry. You will get help from a certified Magento developer if you buy a set number of support service hours. With this, you will be able to easily cover extensions, modules, and other such developments. 

Why Is The Search Option Important For An eCommerce Store? 

Know that your eCommerce site is nothing without a search bar. After all, you might have tons of products in your store but that's of no use if customers can't get to it. A search option allows customers to quickly find what they were looking for. Note that no one is going to spend hours going through your product pages one by one. So without a search bar, you will lose customers 

Many think that an ordinary search option will be enough to add to their sites. But don't you want your user to know about all relevant options related to their search? After all, it might lead to them buying something more. To encourage this possibility you need to have a search engine that has related searches, auto-complete, and other such features. So, it's important to constantly guess user-intentions and stay one step ahead in your search option. 

What To Do If Magento 2's Search Option Isn't Working? 

It's possible that Magento 2 (the latest version of Magento) can stop functioning sometimes. But you do need to be prepared for how to fix Magento 2 search issues and how to fix using Expertrec. We recommend using Expertrec because it is a powerful tool and easy to use as well. So just follow the below steps to fix Magento 2: 

• First, you need to install Expertrec's powerful Magento 2 extension. 

• Then you need to reindex your data by going to the System option and then the Index management option. After that, you need to go to Action and Update on the Save. 

• Now you need to go to the cache management option to flush out the cache. After that, you have to set the minimum length for the query as 1 in your catalog search. You can do this by going to the Store option and then selecting Setting. After that, go to Configuration and then Catalog. There the minimum is 1 and the max is 128. 

• You have to make a custom engine for Magento 2 if you still can't search on it. Just go to Expertrec's platform and then put in your site's main URL. Now, wait and allow the crawl to get completed. After that, add in your code before taking it live. This should make the search work. 

Master Magento

Magento is a powerful platform that will help your business flourish. After all, it has all the necessary extensions and tools to get it done. If you encounter an any issue, then you can always ask support or simply use Expertrec to sort the Magento 2 search not working how to fix the issue out easily. We'll help get your Magento eCommerce store back up and running right in no time!

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