How Magento Related Product Extensions Can Be Helpful

magento related product extension


If you’re a regular online buyer, you would be aware of the hassle one has t o go through when trying to find the products that they’re looking for. Since online websites have numerous products to offer, getting the ideal product that is in your mind can be difficult at times. But, how about you get all the related products in line one after the other? What if you can get all the relevant products based on the recent purchases you have made? Well, this is exactly what the new Magento related products extension is about. 

Magento Related Product Extension 

This new extension has been a great sigh of relief for all the consumers around the globe. Through this, customers are able to find their similar choice products on the go. The Related product extension accesses the past trends of the consumer purchasing and suggest them the related products accordingly. One of the top features of Automatic Related Products is that it hides all those products that are out of stock. This helps the customers in getting linked to all the products that are available rather than wasting time on the unavailable ones. 

Features Of The Extension 

This extension has been a huge uplift for the management as well. This alignment of products according to their preferences helps the business in gaining more insights and orders online. It almost acts like a YouTube site where you are being shown all the related videos as suggestions based on your previous watch. The Magento extension also includes a designated set of parameters that helps the management to display all the related stats regarding each product separately. This is often seen as a marketing stunt by the management to help them boost their Sales. 

Positioning Of The Relate Products List 

One of the most important factors that businesses need to pay attention to is their desired positioning of the Related products. The placement of the Related Products is extremely important as if it is not clearly visible to the customers, then frankly speaking, it is of no use. The placement is majorly dependent upon the layout of the page. The layout of the initial page should be made in such a manner that the customers directly access the list first. 

Why Can’t One Use The Manual Method To Update? 

Often people are so linked with the upsells and cross sells extension of Magento 1 that they fail to pay any attention to the main deal, i.e. the Related Product list. If one wishes to edit the information of a specific product, then they can easily open up the page description and make appropriate changes. However, in case of large organizations that have a lot of goods to offer, things can be slightly more complex. It would take a lot of time to open up each product and make changes. 

Hence, this Magento 1 extension can make your life a lot more easier by limiting your manual work and helping you get through the entire work through the aid of a software.

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