Top 10 Magento Marketing Extensions For 2020

top magento marketing extensions

What Is Magento? 

Magento is an online ecommerce platform that has thousands of extensions that can be utilized by business owners. Written in the PHP script, many users find Magento to be the leader of e- commerce. Magento is an open-sourced platform that involves on the innovation and collaboration of others to help small businesses grow and maintain business. With over 100,000 small businesses started using Magento, many industry leaders regard this platform as an extremely valuable tool that anyone has the power to utilize. 

How can Magento help grow my business? (200) Magento can help grow your business by allowing the use and specialization of particular extensions. These extensions give capabilities to one’s business that can help add value to the online platform and bring in more customers. One feature of Magento that is highly sought after is the ability to customize a shop with custom color palettes and thematic branding. A user of Magento doesn’t need to be a professional website builder in order to utilize the many features offered by Magento. This allows user’s vision for the store to become a reality. If you do happen to require the services of a Magento developer, we suggest Sunlight Media in Los Angeles

Top 10 Marketing Extensions 

1. Abandoned Cart 

This extension gives businesses the ability to remind customers when their online shopping carts have been abandoned. Many users find that the abandoned cart feature keeps users and customers as loyal patrons to their online shop. For example, if a customer was to put an item in their shopping cart and then close out the tab, this extension would automatically send out an email with a friendly reminder to complete their purchase. This feature allows for customizable messages and for shop owners to create their own branding and theme. 

2. Yopto Reviews 

This extension allows for website owners to integrate product reviews into the purchasing page. As many business owners know, reviews are a great way to organically bring attention to their shop. This allows for users to get a realistic look at how other customers feel about the product at hand. Not only that, but Yopto Reviews allows for the valuable ability to integrate these reviews into their own main customer interface. 

3. CM Marketplace Multi Vendor Extension 

This extension allows for vendors to capitalize on multiple vendors that can add their products to your stores. This extension offers great front-end and internal features, as well as offers a plentiful opportunity for those looking to add multiple vendors. While Magento offers many different multi vendor extensions, many find that the CM Marketplace has the best features to offer and the easiest customer viewing experience. 

4. Start Kit 

This extension allow is great for businesses that are new Magento and need further assistance getting off the ground. Start Kit is great for those who are opening relatively new shops and need more of the basic instruction on how to get their shop up and running. With e-commerce startups at an all time high, this extensions is highly regarded as one that has expanded into successful and thriving ecommerce businesses. 

5. SMTP For Magento 2 

This extension allows for businesses owners to better communicate with their customer base over email (including email templates). With digital marketing at the forefront of advertising, email campaigns have proven themselves to be valuable necessary for any successful business. SMTP for Magento 2 also has the data capabilities to store client and customer information, making this extensions great for email blasts and campaigns. 

6. Advanced Reporting For Magento 2 

This extension is highly important for business owners as it allows for better tracking of orders, sales, customer demographics etc. Advanced Reporting for Magento 2 is a necessary extension for those who are interested in the data and analytics behind their customer base. 

7. SEO For Magento 2 By MagePlaza 

This extension highly increases website traffic while also boosting your site and bringing in customers. SEO is an incredibly vital element of web searches, and business owners that can recognized this importance have improved reach and impressions on their sites. 

8. Newsletter Pop-Up 

This feature can help attract customers to your newsletter and allows for more exposure to your email campaigns. By giving customers more of an opportunity to subscribe to their newsletters and increase customer exposure, as well as brand awareness. 

9. Two Factor Authentication By Xento 

With internet theft and crime on the rise, this extension allows for you to best protect your online business and limit vulnerability. As ransomware and malware thrive in the ecommerce industry, this Two Factor Authentication gives customers and business owners more peace of mind. 

10. Product Review Module By Mag Modules 

This feature allows business owners to remind their customers to drop a review on their recently purchased product. As previously mentioned, reviews are one of the best ways to organically advertise a business. This extension is centered around obtaining those valuable reviews that let other customers know the value of your products. 

Maximize Magento Marketing

Magento is a valuable platform that is a great opportunity for businesses to utilize. Whether a business is just starting up or looking for a chance for growth, Magento has many extensions for utilization.

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