How To Use Mobile SEO For International Retail Startups

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Mobile SEO has become an important and unmissable part of the international retail startup marketing strategy. Just like the standard local SEO, doing mobile-focused international SEO can generate substantial sales for your company. If you are also running an international retail startup, we have listed some useful tips that you must follow to win the digital retail game. And, if you don't have your in-house SEO team, it is always a time and cost-saving option to hire a good and experienced SEO company to get started with the optimization. On this note, let's have a look at 5 crucial tips to start with: 

1. Multilingual Mobile Version 

It is the most important thing to check while performing the international SEO of your retail startup. More than half of the people shop using their smartphones and your mobile version should also support multilingual options. This will not only give you an edge in attracting more customers but also improve authority among the buyers. 

Make sure the Hreflang tags are properly optimized and working on the mobile version of the site. This will definitely require some technical help to get this done. It is better to hire a professional SEO company and get this done for your site. Without Hreflang tags, the search bots will not be able to understand that you are also trying to target the international audience on your website. If you are using WordPress CRM, then you can use several available plugins to optimize your website for multiple languages. 

2. Multilingual Keyword Research 

The next big thing for mobile retail optimization is performing comprehensive keyword research. Apart from the native language, you should also perform keyword research in the international language which you are planning to target. 

And, don't try to use the same content and let the translator do the job. To get an edge over the competition, hire an international language content writer, and get the content ready so it will look professional. Once the content is ready, test your website in all the other foreign language to check if all the targeted keywords are converting properly. 

Also, along with short targeted keywords, focus on integrating long-tail keywords in the international language also. Doing keyword research will benefit you in two ways— first, you can rank higher for the targeted keywords, and second, it will also help you while running paid ads. 

3. Speed On Mobile 

It happens quite often that when the mobile version is optimized for several countries and different languages, the speed may differ. To make sure your website's mobile version is a working file across all languages, run a speed test individually. 

As the retail websites have multiple products, versions, and hundreds of images, the speed of the website matters the most. Hire a professional SEO company that can help you in optimizing the mobile version of the site for all languages. 

If you are planning for personalized graphics for different countries, make sure all the images are mobile-friendly and are compressed for faster loading. Ask your SEO team to check the mobile responsiveness on all the versions of the site. 

4. Aim For Language Targeting 

Many retail startups make a common mistake of targeting specific countries when it comes to mobile SEO for international retail startups. But, you need to think beyond country targeting and think about regional language targeting. 

A specific country can have more than one language and you need to keep this thing in mind while doing the SEO. Even though the regionals will understand one common language, but to gain an edge, you can go the extra mile and prepare a language targeting plan for mobile SEO. Make sure apart from the landing pages, the product descriptions are also properly translated in the mobile view. 

For doing this, it is better to hire an SEO company that is experienced in performing international mobile optimization for the retail industry. They know how to maximize local SEO on a global scale. 

5. Focus On Mobile-Friendly URLs 

When targeting international retail customers with a mobile-first strategy, you need to work on all important URLs. Make sure they are all optimized as per the international audience and they are easy to read like on a desktop version of the site. 

If you have multiple subdomains for various countries, check every subdomain is mobile optimized and responsive to get you the maximum SEO benefits. In many cases, redirects are needed to be made for certain products. To ensure the site is working properly on the mobile version, ask your SEO team to conduct a comprehensive link audit and ensure all pages are up and running on the mobile version. 

Mobile SEO Like A Pro

Performing mobile SEO for international retails startups requires managing a couple of more things than the local SEO. If you don't have your in-house SEO team, you should hire a good SEO company that can help you go ahead with robust international SEO for your startup.

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