How To Become an Online Business Manager

how to become an online business manager

Are you tired of serving in an individual contributor role? Do you want to be more of a manager, with responsibilities that span the full width of a business? 

If so, then you're in the right place. In this article, we're going to take a look at how to become an online business manager. The online business manager position is perfect for someone who wants to take charge of the operational maintenance and growth of a budding business. 

For advice on how to make the necessary preparations to transition into this online business management role, read on! 

What is an Online Business Manager? 

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how you can level up your career and get to the next step of online business manager, it's first important that you understand exactly what being an online business manager (OBM) entails. 

The duties of an OBM span quite a few different tasks. Because an online business manager is in charge of all the various operations of the business, he or she has to be well-equipped to understand how all of those different operations function. 

At a minimum, online business managers will typically be in charge of sales, onboarding new customers, providing customer support, and ensuring that the product or service that the customer paid for is delivered. In very lean operations, the online business manager may be the person who actually performs all of these duties. But more often than not, online business management is more to do with managing the teams that carry out the operational tasks. 

How to Become an Online Business Manager in Practical Steps 

Now that you have a better idea of what the job is, let's talk more about how to become an online business manager. There are a few different things that you can start doing as soon as today in order to start transitioning your career. 

First and foremost, whatever role that you are currently in, be sure to try and expand your current set of responsibilities. Because online business managers touch so many different parts of the business, any candidate for such a position needs to have experience going out of the scope of their role as an individual contributor to expand their responsibility. For instance, if you are in finance, try taking on new accounting roles (e.g. create pay stubs for the payroll team). 

Next, you should also consider taking on virtual assistant jobs. These gigs are typically short-term gigs where you'll be in charge of more administrative tasks for a business owner. While menial, it's great experience to start doing things from an org-wide perspective. 

Last but not least, you can try to achieve online business manager certification. There are several online courses you can take to add credentials to your expertise in this arena. 

Start Your Transition Today 

There you have it aspiring online business managers. Now that you know a few different ways to start your journey to becoming an online business manager, you should be far better equipped to make this career transition. 

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