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Having a business inevitably leads to having to work with documents of different kinds. In the new economy no one is surprised with any format. However, if we speak about working with or editing PDF, many users face problems and are not aware of its main principles. If you have ever had experience editing PDF files, you probably know that it can be tough. In this article, we will review different programs you can try out and talk more about the options you have while editing PDF documents. 

When it comes to editing PDF files, it is very important to understand the main principles of how they work. As you might know, PDF as a format was created in the 90s by Adobe. Its main goal was to keep the original formatting and fonts and to be a good program for presenting and exchanging documents. It has carried this mission throughout the years and remains one of the most famous and widespread formats out there. 

It is quite logical to suppose from our description, that PDF is meant to be read-only and presupposes no or minor editing. This serves as the main reason why most of the online PDF editors have limited editing functions and will never allow you to write in the file smoothly shifting the rest of the text or create more content that is supposed to be added in the working document. 

All of these key principles make it possible for PDF files to be small in size and perfect for transferring data without damaging the content. If you are to work with PDF, most programs, both online and offline will only let you add comments to the text and this change will never be permanent: The original file, its initial text, and size will remain. 

So, what tools, websites, or software can be used to work with PDF? 

First and foremost, it surely is Adobe Acrobat. It is the initial, commercial, and paid PDF editing software that has all the needed features to work with and alter Portable Document Format. Its interface allows to edit text and images. You just need to go to the Tools menu and click on Edit PDF. You will see blue boxes around every element on the page (paragraphs, graphics, etc.). Just go to every box to alter its contents and start typing. 

Also, through Adobe Acrobat you can change the formatting of the text and letter spacing. The horizontal Scaling field will help you compress text or stretch it, change or resize the text box. As for images, you may select the image and by altering the box, resize the image, change or crop it. 

However, if you need to rearrange the structure of the document, merge several PDF files, or on the contrary split one file into several, there are many online tools that will help you do it. Most of them can convert almost any format to PDF or back, rotate the file, and delete some of the pages from the document. Usually, you can find many free services of this kind by simply googling “merge PDF” or any other action that you need to do. 

If you have a PDF file that requires some major editing like adding the text or complete rearranging of the structure of the text, maybe moving the pictures or fields, most of the online editors will not help. Adobe Acrobat won’t also make the task easy. As PDF is a format for presenting, it is best to edit the initial document. In case you do not have access to it, our advice is to convert the file into a working editing format like Word, Excel, PPT, etc. (depending on the type of document you are working with), so that you can make all the needed changes and convert it back. Online services like PDFChef by Movavi support 10 different formats, so basically you can do it with any file. 

There are also some advanced features you may want to use while working with your document. For example, you may want to add a signature to your file. In such cases, you can use online services like iLovePDF if you are working from your laptop or download apps like Signature Stamp to your phone. 

Undoubtedly, PDF is a format that is a pain to work with unless you use it just to review or print a document. Many users face the same old trouble trying to alter the file with a random or new website, software, or app. In case you are to frequently work (or in case you already work) with PDF format, it is best to pick the programs you are going to stick with. This way you will know all their possibilities and will not expect from a PDF converter to suddenly become an editor and vice versa. 

Moreover, many of the tools are paid for, and some of them are quite expensive. Our advice is to know and reason your needs while working with the files. For example, if you simply have to constantly alter files in PDF and no other format, getting a paid version of Adobe Acrobat will be a very good idea. However, if you have the possibility to work with initial formats that are meant to be mended, there is no point in spending more when you can use easy and free online websites like PDFChef. Just pick the software that is comfortable and intuitive to use and forget about any troubles. 

To sum up, our advice is quite simple: we recommend using things for their intended purpose. PDF is a great format that serves all of us well while sharing documents, presenting information, and printing the text. It preserves information its initial formatting that will not change because the file is opened on a different device. However, it is recommended to find and stick with a top software program that will let you make minor changes easily and stress-free because PDF is the very last thing worth worrying about in our busy and overwhelming lives.

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