How Mass Texting Can Unlock Your Business

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Whether you are an established business or developing your business plan, leveraging all the tools to promote your establishment or service is imperative to growth. Bulk SMS or text message marketing is often overlooked as a viable option to promote your business. 

What Is Mass Texting And Why Is It So Effective? 

As it suggests, mass texting is the ability to simultaneously send one message to potentially thousands of people. These days, everyone carries a cellphone so a direct message to your clients and customers is quite effective and gives a personal touch feeling. 

Imagine how easy it would be to send out one message to let your subscribers know of the latest update or special? Sharing a coupon code is very easy. Send attached files like a menu or special invitation. It is even a great way to funnel people to your website or other social media. From safety to traffic, another feature of mass texting is implementing alerts. 

What Are The Types Of Messaging? 

There are plain text messages and multimedia messaging. Plain text is simple, quick, and to the point. Multimedia allows the sender to attach files like videos and images. They are a great way to engage your audience. Of course, there is a vast array of stock images, but engagement often requires a personal touch so developing unique content for your messaging should be a priority. 

Depending on the type of messaging service you employ, creating a drip campaign through text messaging is an effective tool in upselling your customers. The information that you get back can help shape the trajectory of your business when it is done right. 

What Else Can Mass Texting Do For My Business? 

As a business owner, you are probably juggling a lot of responsibilities. Texting one person at a time is not only time consuming, but it also takes you away from more critical things. A mass text gets the message out quickly and frees up your time to be more productive

Consider your return on investment (ROI). Paying for a service that allows you to be in touch with the masses is well-worth the expense because it reaches a broad audience with very little effort. Remember, the alternative is spending your critical time doing a menial job. Your time is worth more than that. 

Navigating the marketing of your business is not always easy. Mass messaging is fast and gives a personal touch. There are also quick opt-in and opt-out features that give them control and builds trust with your brand. 

Tips For Your Next Mass Text 

• Your message should be clear and concise. 
• Keep messages to 200 characters or less. 
• Provide value. Remember, their time and attention are valuable too. • Timing is everything. Don’t send your customers a message in the middle of the night. Try and reach them before their commute to or from work. 
• Research your demographic. 
• Create interactive polls or ask questions that give insight as to what they want. 
• Have a call to action (CTA) to keep them engaged. 

Text Message The Masses

In the end, developing a bulk SMS strategy to unlock your business is constantly evolving. Just remember that a lowly text message may have the biggest impact.

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