Working On SMS Marketing Is Better With The Best Software In Town

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Working on the SMS marketing for bigger companies is not that easy manually. When you have thousands of clients by your side, chances are high that you might have to connect with all of them through SMS. It becomes hard to do so if you have to text them manually. The SMS marketing campaign won’t even last a second that way! 

So, nowadays, the technology is making the task of MMS and SMS marketing a lot easier with the help of proficient text messaging services. For that, you can choose from software, which is available in so many variations. So, go through all of them and select the one you like the most among the lot. For that, going through software and checking the features is an absolute necessity. 

You Can Use Web Engage As Your First Try 

Web Engage is known to aid the consumer businesses in the most revolutionizing way possible to deal with the customer engagement and retention initiatives. It is mainly possible through the effective SMS campaigns now. This platform is known to enable content optimization and even working on deep personalization in the SMS, depending on the available user data. 

• The starting price will be around $199 per month for each user, even though the prices are subject to change with passing time. 

• To understand more about the software, you will receive a free demo. Then you have the deployment under Cloud, SaaS and Web. 

• The training under this section got to be webinars, documentation and live online. The support in this regard is available online with 24 hours of live representation and covering business hours. 

• Some of the SMS marketing features you will get here are 2 ways of messaging, contact management, mass texting and personalization of message and even mobile coupons. 

• You can use the software for text messaging service for nonprofits and comes with features like reporting or analytics, mobile keywords, short codes, scheduled messaging and text to win. 

Bitrix 24 from Bitrix 

Bitrix 24 seems to be the example of free SMS marketing based software and CRM, as used by around 4 million companies on a worldwide basis. The services are on cloud and on- premises with open source of code accessibility. You get the chance over here to send individual SMS based messages on free plan, SMS marketing automation and even under bulk SMS. These services are available to commercial users, starting at around $39 per month. 

• Since the source does not charge any extra buck on the SMS pricing as offered by leading providers, this noted software is a lot cheaper when compared to any other SMS marketing team. 

• At present, you have the right to send text messages in more than 100 countries, which is an achievement in its own. 

 Under the deployment category of the software, you have Mac installed, Windows Installed, iOS native and Android native for mobile, cloud SaaS and Web. 

 There are three major SMS marketing features, which make this source a reliable choice among the lot. Those three options are mass texting, contact management and message personalization. 

Agile CRM Is Here To Stay 

The CRM Agile SMS marketing software is the one to help leverage text messaging for maximizing communication channels that you used for connecting with audience. Adding or integrating SMS based text messaging right into marketing campaigns for the growth in sales and support can help engaging your audiences just at peak time. 

 With a monthly payment of $8.99 for every user, you will get a free trial and free version of this lot. The deployments under this section are Mobile IOS and Android natives, Cloud, SaaS, and Web. 

 The interesting SMS marketing features you will get from here are contact management, mobile keywords, reporting or analytics, scheduled messaging and mobile coupons. 

 It has complete auto dialer feature as well. Some of those are call center management, call recording and reporting, call scripting, lead management, predictive dialer, power dialer, preview dialer and progressive dialer. 

Learning About The Software Named Intercom 

Intercom is noted to be a complete example of growth platform, designed for sales, marketing and support. These products from the platform will help businesses to just grow at a fast rate and through better customer based relationships. Some of the most successful companies in the world like New Relic, Shopify and Atlassian will use Intercom for driving a proficient growth through bots, chat and even personalized form of customer communications. 

 The starting price of this software is $49 per month, and it comes with free trial and free version for the first timers to use and get a detailed idea about it. 

 It is known for its amazing customer service features and those are knowledge base, email management, live chat, queue management, surveys and feedback, social media integration workflow management and virtual assistant. 

 You better watch out for this software because of its email based marketing features. Some of the noted ones over here are auto-responders, A/B testing, CAN SPAM Compliance, Drip Campaigns, Dynamic content, event triggered email, reporting or analytics, subscriber management, template management and even the WYSIWYG email editor. 

Message Bird Is Another One Among The Lot 

Just to make business based communications as natural as possible, you have the Message Bird. It is a great way to communicate with friends as well as it helps in creating a more personal touch to the SMS. The mission of this software is to modernize and simplify some of the overcomplicated spaces associated with customer communication. As it is noted to be the only leading form of cloud communication platform with own telecommunications carrier infrastructure, the voice, SMS and Conversations APIs will continue to just revolutionize the present company and customer interactions. It will definitely make contact easier, efficient and rather accessible to say the least. 

These are some of the major examples to cover whenever you are dealing with SMS marketing software. If you have anything else in mind, you can get that a try as well.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how your business can benefit from SMS marketing to reach customers on smart phones with text messages.

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