How Businesses Benefit From A Messaging Text Service

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Digital communication moves our society unlike any other. From social media to push notifications, it all keep communication sharp within communities and sends information quick and efficient. Business should incorporate digital communication into their infrastructure in order to cater to customers in the best way possible. A specific realm of digital communication that offers many pros and cons are automated messaging services. It all depends on the changes that you’d like to make to your business and what you’re willing to do in order to make it happen. 

Benefits Of Using An External Text Communication Service 


Utilizing survey questions help you learn more about your customer base. You can then use that information to become a bigger and better business. 

Scheduled Text Messages 

Specifically scheduled text messages can help you a ton when you’re trying to promote a special event or a sale. Especially when doing a mass text for everyone. 

Direct Communication 

The ability to respond back to your customers can deliver a semi-personal connection that can strengthen brand loyalty. 

Mobile App 

A mobile app is a great place to maintain all of your text message campaigns. You can also change and add text messages on the go so you can stay on top of it no matter where you are. 

Benefits Of Automated Messaging Services 

External Communication 

Utilizing automated messaging services ensures that your message is being received. Since many people are accustomed to reacting quickly to their smartphone notifications, your message is going to become their priority even before they’ve read it. 

Texts Attract Attention 

According to, SMS open rates are 98%. Email doesn’t even compare, with its own open rates at 20%. These numbers alone showcase the drastic customer reach that a business can tap into with an automated messaging service. 

Benefits Of Using An Internal Text Communication Service 


When important information is stated at a meeting, you can’t ensure that everyone got the message. But, when you send out a text, it ensures that your message is sent efficiently and quickly. 

Text messages can be used to relay information about a variety of different services, but here are some examples of the most popular: 

To-Do Items:  Sending out to-do reminders keeps employees focused on the day’s tasks ahead. 

Meeting Reminders:  On a hectic day, time can often get away from your employees. Meeting reminders will help them with their scheduling. 

Cancellations:  Sending out cancellation text messages will ensure that no one will be left waiting. It will make sure that everyone is in the known when plans change. 

Payroll Alerts:  These alerts will help everyone submit their timecards in a timely fashion so they can be paid on time. 

Benefits Notifications:  This important information will often lie in the depths of your email. But, putting these important links in a text message ensures that they’ll be dealt with in a timely manner. 

Shift Coverage:  It can be incredibly hard to find someone to cover a shift. But, texts are a direct line of communication that can get your business back in line faster. 

No matter which way you implement them, texts can help your business SMS tremendously. They will ensure quick and efficient communication which will keep both employees and customers as happy as possible.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how businesses can benefit from a messaging text service or SMS application.

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