Migrating Your Business To Mobile

how to migrate business to mobile

Living in the modern world is incredibly lucky for new business. When you think about it, working in your own startup in the modern world probably means you do half of your operations over a network or online, and that makes everything a whole lot easier to accomplish. With this in mind, introducing mobile technology, whether in the form of apps or in store transactions, can improve your business model astronomically. Having mobile capability can mean making a sale is a lot easier, and you can get double time on queues. If you want to move your business into a more mobile world, here’s a few considerations for you. Image Source 

Why Customers Like Mobile

It means they don’t have to put as much effort into the shopping experience as they used to. Those childhood supermarket trips of trailing the aisles doesn’t have to be reflected in their adulthood, so market to the younger generation alongside the older by combining your business model with this technology. 

Amazon is popular for many reasons. Being able to have a preview of a retailer’s stock or service, and then to even have their own personalised marketplace that they can trawl through at their leisure is a worthwhile investment for you. Look after your loyal customers and more will soon follow. 

How It Can Change Working In Store 

So you have your counter where you finalize sales with a smile and receive complaints when the time comes for customer service. However, you can maximize this kind of potential by having another port of call for customers to head to when they want to buy something. If you have a pad or card machine that can be carried around the store, you can make sales on the spot when someone is ready and wants to avoid queues. This is an easy way to increase your sales, so this kind of investment is great for upping your business profits. 

Similarly, when it comes to an idea like that of ‘click and collect’, there’s plenty of ways things can go awry for a customer (and subsequently for you). It can be a huge worry for stores: people coming to claim goods that aren’t theirs. Yet, with using mobile technology in store, you can use trusted identity as a service to make these kind of transactions go a lot easier for everyone involved, as you can now verify people’s identities with a few touches of a button. 

Why You Should Invest In An App 

Effective frequency: the idea that people will notice you after they’ve seen you about 20 times, is made a lot faster process by an app. If you have a website that’s mobile friendly, not only are you going to be prioritised in google rankings, you’re going to be able to reach a much wider market than your competition. People can take a quick scan of your site to see your business model, and the kind of service you provide, and then they’re more likely to stay and shop, or even take a quick trip down to your retail center. 

Customers love to research beforehand, so giving them that option allows you a better standing in their reviewing minds. So the next logical step is to make that even easier; build yourself a business app! Having an app for people just to check quickly when they have a spare five minutes, or take an indulgent hour or two surfing everything you have to show, is what combines both one time shoppers and the loyal customer in one fell swoop. 

You’re always going to be available to client, as whilst a site may be down an app is more guaranteed to have longer running times. You can also use it to advertise to the best of your ability with all new deals, sales, and any information you desperately need customers to see. Set up email or ping notifications, but make sure you don’t flood people with any of these, as it can be a surefire way to get them to immediately turn off. 

Masterful Mobile Migration

Plenty of research has gone into what mobile technology can do for a business, so be sure to look it up if you need more information. It can boost sales, improve customer feedback, and make the daily running of a business a lot easier to complete. Of course you’re going to keep hard copies of your sales records and the like, but they can be sorted when you have the allotted time in the week.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about why it's critical to move your business to mobile and optimize it accordingly. 

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