Event Marketing And Why You Need To Learn More About It

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Events are awesome. They offer so many possibilities and you get to leave the office. You get to go out into the real world. You know, events can also be quite inspiring. Who knows if the next speaker will say something that will serve as a basis of your new great business idea? You might even learn something you didn’t know before. Of course, you could also meet another fellow marketer and maybe even end up hosting your own event together with your new partner. These are just some of the reasons why event marketing is great. Let’s take a look at the most important ones. 


We all love marketing because it is a valuable tool that gets us new clients/customers and thus generate sales. One good strategy to gain new clientele is to show up at an event or host one yourself. Events will help you sell your product or service and it doesn’t matter whether your company is B2B or B2C, being present at an event in person provides you with the opportunity to make new connections. This directly impacts conversions rates! People can come up to you and ask whatever they want right there. Of course, make sure that you send knowledgeable employees if you want to close as many deals as possible. Also, pay attention to the number of sales at your event. That way you can track the ROI of your event marketing efforts. 

Brand Recognition 

It’s simple, if there is an event where you have major players of your industry and your company isn’t there, people have no chance to get to know you. Consequently, people have no chance to learn about your products and services. That ends in bad conversions rates. That’s why you need to keep track of all the important events that could be beneficial to you. Events do wonders when it comes to brand recognition. Did you know that 8 out of 10 people who take part in a marketing event pass that experience onto someone else? That in turn makes your brand much more accessible to your target audience. 

Leads, Leads And More Leads 

Look, even if a potential client (or prospect as some say) doesn’t immediately convert at an event, there is still a good chance that they’ll do so. And you can possibly add them to your database. Once a prospect becomes a lead, you can take care that they convert through various sales processes. B2B marketers know very well how true this can be. And it isn’t so hard to get someone’s email address. For example, if your company is hosting the event, you’ll get people’s email addresses when they register. And then you can use those addresses to build relationships which will lead to future sales. However, pay close attention to regulations that concern data collection. 

Events Aren’t That Expensive 

Events serve as a low cost way to introduce a new product or service. You can showcase your business to live, attentive audiences and that will allow you to get buy-in to your product or service faster. Of course, that becomes easy since it’s quicker and it usually comes at a lower price. Remember how expensive the traditional media can be? Marketing events sound awesome now, right? It can be both beneficial to your sales figures and marketing budget. 

The All-Too-Important Feedback 

Events are awesome when it comes to customer feedback. You get to hear the feedback right away and immediately you’ll know what’s good (and what’s not so good) about your products/services. This is great because when people buy your product or service, you have to wait to get their feedback. Events allow customers to try out the products in real time before actually making a purchase. And do you know what else happens in real time? The feedback! That is giving you an opportunity to address potential questions or issues right away which will satisfy both your company and your customers. 


At the end of the day, no marketing strategy is better than the one that involves in-person communication. Event marketing is great for starting a personal relationship with your customer base. You can start relationships, give value to them and then leverage them.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the importance of event marketing for your business.

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