The Costs Of Setting Up Transactional SMS Service

setting up transactional sms service text messages


Transactional SMS service is an automated response sent in response to an event or an action taken by a customer. For example, banks send an SMS to their clients upon purchase or if someone wants to activate their account online. You can use Transactional SMS services in many other instances, such as booking confirmations, account activation, and balance information. 

Many businesses and banks provide this service to their clients to help them stay aware of any transactions. It also helps in keeping their clients protected, as online theft is on the rise these days. 

Effectiveness Of Transactional SMS 

● Transactional SMS is time-sensitive and doesn't need any manual input. An automatic SMS is sent if there is any predetermined trigger without using any manual information. 

● Transactional SMS is considered one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with customers. 

● They also help establish a reliable bond between companies and their customers. When customers get SMS about any critical event, they feel valued and more comfortable using your services. 

● Mobile phones are in use everywhere in the world. Hence, even if clients are not in their residing place, they will still get SMS and a perfect solution for businesses to give their customers vital information. 

● People read it fast. More than 90 percent of people read text messages within three minutes of receiving, which is more than email marketing. 

● Since many people spend most of their time on phones, it is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. 

● By using transactional SMS service, you will build a strong brand image before the very eyes of your customers. 

Transactional Or Promotional SMS? 

Promotional SMS's purpose is to use it for marketing purposes, whereas transactional SMS provides customers with helpful information. A promotional SMS is sent after a scheduled SMS campaign, whereas a transactional SMS is supposed to be set up only once, and you will get an SMS automatically after that. 

Types Of Transactional SMS 

● Resetting Passwords 
● confirming or canceling ticket bookings 
● checking credit and debit card information 
● confirm orders 
● keep notifying clients of any shipping or delivery updates 
● schedule appointments to speed up the process 

Ways To Use Transactional SMS 

● Identity Verification

By using this form of SMS, it will increase the security of your customers. If a person signs in or registers, they will get a unique code on their phone, also known as a verification code. They will have to click on the link or enter the code on their phones. This way of confirming identity is a highly effective way to increase security, and it is also an inexpensive way to give your customers some peace of mind. 

● Confirmation Of Order

This way is to let the customers know that the order is confirmed and processed. It reduces post-purchase anxiety and increases your brand reliability. It will also increase the chances of the customer buying from your brand in the future by sending them any message related to upcoming sales or by getting them to sign up for your newsletter to build a strong relationship with them. 

● Immediate Alerts

Since many people miss out on emails, text messages are hard to miss. Many people tend to respond to a text message faster than any other method. It is an excellent way to keep your customers in the loop and immediately respond to any unusual activity. It will also increase your brand's chances to get more customers by improving your communication with the customers. 

● Product Alerts

If your product is out of stock, this immediate alert lets your customers know about it. When the product is available, you can again notify your customers to let them know of the work, enabling them to buy from your brand repeatedly by keeping them updated. It will, in return, increase your brand image and sales by happy and satisfied customers. 


By including some of these SMS tips and tricks, you can have loyal and happy customers to increase your brand image. Although they are not marketing messages, it still allows the customers to stay up-to-date with each change in your company frequently. 

SMS is a quick and cheap way to send any vital information to your clients, which will increase your sales by providing better customer service. This way of staying in touch with your customers also allows them to remain loyal to your brand by keeping them engaged and allowing them to keep up-to-date with every change in your company.

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