4 Tips For Marketing To Millennials

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Many business owners think that marketing to millennials is a tough process that challenges their preconceptions about advertising. They don't know how to connect with the generation and make their business seem appealing. However, it is actually easy to bring millennials to your business. 

You just need to go where they are — the internet. You need to adapt traditional marketing tactics for the digital environment. 

Keep reading below to learn more about how to do that with our 4 Gen Y marketing tips! 

1. Marketing to Millennials is About Knowing Where to Go 

Just like any other kind of marketing, the first step is to bring your business to where your customers are. Traditionally, that meant taking out advertising space in a large city or at community centers. However, most business is conducted online now, and so that is where your company needs to be. 

Millennials don't go out to watch movies and prefer having food delivered instead of going out. They use streaming services for watching entertainment, such as Netflix or Hulu. Luckily, that means advertising on Hulu and Roku will bring your company to millennials. 

2. Millennials Use Technology More Than Other Generations 

An important thing to remember about marketing to millennials is that they use technology more than other generations. They are one of the first generations to have been raised with the internet and smartphones. They don't know any way to connect with companies or people without technology. 

So, you need to make sure your company can be reached on popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You also need to have a significant presence on search engines through search engine optimization. 

3. Use Social Media To Connect with Audiences 

Social media can also be a perfect tool to connect with your audiences in a more personal and direct way. Your company's social media presence is usually the first way a person finds out about your business. First impressions matter the most when it comes to people as unloyal to brands as millennials. 

By using Twitter and Facebook to post content, you can build your brand and make your products more appealing to customers. It helps personify your business so customers feel like your products have a more human touch. 

4. Shopping Should be an Experience, Not a Process 

One of the most important and subtle parts of marketing to millennials is the checkout process. When millennials shop, they are not going through a process just looking for good products. They want shopping to be an experience and so you need to make everything about your company an experience. 

Your packaging should be enjoyable to open and your checkout processes should be seamless and exciting. By improving these parts of your business, you will be more appealing to millennials and will make more money! 

Marketing Strategies for Millennials Are Always Profitable 

The best thing about marketing to millennials is that you are bound to make money from them. Most millennials have grown up by now and have established careers with disposable income. They have reached the point of their lives where they want to be marketed to. 

There are more ways to market to millennials, though. They are a generation with unique perspectives and experiences. To learn more about how to appeal to Gen Y, just keep reading here on Bootstrap Business!

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