How To Design Websites For Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

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Did you know that only eight percent of all product page traffic converts to sales? This reality is the reason for the growing focus on digital marketing. However, most companies are still struggling to find a perfect way to design their web page in a way that guarantees conversion. 

Are you trying to ensure faster deal closing for your sales? Conversion rate optimizations can help you ensure that you close your deals faster. 

But what exactly is conversion rate optimization. Analytics rate optimization is a system for increasing visitors' percentage to your websites, which then translates to higher sales. 

Considering that eCommerce stores experience close to 35% bounce rates, it is essential to establish an optimization strategy that can guarantee you higher sales volumes. This article reflects on the best ways to design your website to maximize conversion rate optimization. 

Focus on Color Themes 

It would surprise you that one of the most significant determinants of overall traffic to a webpage is often the color schemes used. If you are settling for dull and unappealing colors for your site, then the chances are that you might not attract as many visitors to your page. 

Colors leave a lasting impression on visitors and determine how willing such visitors are to engage beyond the first click. A typical high converting page will have colors that are non-dominant when compared to the page's layout. Colors are essential when customizing the buttons on your webpage. 

It would be a mistake to settle for colors, which may not push the online visitors beyond the initial click. How you deal with the contrasting colors on a webpage may break or make the possibility of higher conversation rates. 

Work on Your Web Page's Loading Speed 

A recent study suggests that a one-second delay in your page's loading speed could lead to close to a seven percent reduction in your page's conversion rates. If this statistic is anything to go by, then it's clear that load speeds can significantly affect conversation rate optimization. 

Most businesses have webpages that load at snail-paced rates. Unless you are willing to focus on speed, you might not reap as many benefits. The best place to start should be to troubleshoot any underlying issues that may affect the page's loading speeds. 

The good thing is that there are numerous tools online, which can help your business, achieve greater page optimization levels for better results. Such tools help you deal with the underlying limitations to fast loading rates. 

Most average users abandon your page within the first ten seconds of non-responsiveness. This then means that you might experience a recurrence of bounce rates unless you can improve your load speeds

The Eight Seconds Rule Counts 

When focusing on conversion rate optimization, the general rule of thumb emphasizes the importance of first impressions. Imagine that you have the first eight seconds of a visitor's time to create the best first impressions. If these eight seconds don't win over your visitor's focus, then it might be impossible to convert. 

Most successful business websites use the least time possible to create lasting impressions. The little window of opportunity requires a benefit-driven headline and eye-catching imagery. Anything short of these is a zero-sum attempt. 

The other important aspect of the eight-second rule of thumb is the proper utilization of buttons. The sign-up and contact buttons should be easy and clear to see and use. Unless you can ensure ease of access to such buttons, your page visitors won't know where to head. 

Buttons provide a sense of direction. The fact that your buttons have straightforward and easy to use buttons will ensure that your visitors know how to navigate the website. This makes the conversion possible. 

Incorporate Faces 

Faces go a long way towards pushing for greater engagement with your page visitors. If you are looking to increase page optimization to your website, it will help to incorporate faces into your content. A call to action that has a human face will likely drive more attention than one that has a simple text. 

Such nuggets are often unknown to many. As such, you might be doing everything right but still wonder why your page is not achieving the anticipated level of conversion rate optimization. 

In most cases, the mistake is that your page has too much block text. Something that doesn't appeal to the visitors. Most online users want content they can relate to when visiting a page. Using imagery is the surest way to achieve the desired level of engagement. 

A web design company in Sydney reported that over 50% of their new clients requested to have images of real people instead of flat geometrical entities.

Focus on High-Quality Images 

The world has moved towards smartphones as technology advances at a rapid rate. This means that most of your online visitors could be using a mobile phone to access the page. Unless you have high-quality images on your page, you might not capture this vital segment of online users. 

The first thing to do in your conversion rate optimization endeavor should be to source high-quality images. If such images take longer to load on a regular browser or are blurry, then you might not convert as much as you would intend. Sometimes you have to walk a fine line between including a high quality image for visual appeal and compressing it to optimize page speed.

Images are the lifeline of your website. This is in part because most visitors are keen on first impressions. Most times, block texts don't arouse their interests as much. Pages that market solar window films and related products can benefit from the use of high-quality images when displaying such items. 

Test Many Styles and Layouts 

It doesn't hurt to be creative. If anything, your creativity will guarantee you more traffic. You can focus on trying out many layouts and styles. This will help you see which styles appeal the most to your target audience. 

On the same note, layouts help you discover better ways to achieve flawless navigation. This is more so if you have multiple segments and buttons on your page. 

This Is How to Achieve Conversion Rate Optimization 

Most businesses struggle with how to maximize on-page conversion to achieve increased sales. Unless you understand the conversion rate optimization process's multiple components, you might keep stagnating in your digital marketing journey. 

Apart from ensuring the use of high-quality images, you may also focus on using enticing colors and schemes. It would be best if you consider improving your load time capacity to achieve the best results. 

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