How to Start a Business With a PolyJet 3D Printer

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The 3D printing process is not a new one. Yet, it's only in the relatively recent past that it has become an affordable or practical option for those outside the manufacturing industry. Before that, it took vast amounts of ready cash to even buy the equipment. 

For a while, enthusiasts made do with cobbled-together machines assembled from kits. Yet, time has marched on in the world of three dimensional printing. 

Now, you can buy a PolyJet 3D printer and launch your own business. Not sure what you'd do with the machine? Keep reading for five ways you can turn your 3D printer into a business. 

1. 3D Printing on Demand 

This is likely the simplest and most straightforward approach you can take. In essence, you operate a bit like a copy shop. 

People bring in the design they want printed in a 3D printer file. You take the file and churn out a copy for them. Everyone is happy.

2. Print Original Items and Sell Them 

People with an interest in 3D printing often get started in 3D modeling programs. If you have a little bit of talent with the software and some imagination, you can develop original designs. 

You print them up and sell them online through your own website. You could also use third-party sites for the sales portion of the process. 

3. Prototype Printing 

While big manufacturing firms get the press for making prototypes, a lot of businesses want visual prototypes they can study. This is the exact sort of work you can do with a Stratasys J55. If you exceed expectations and save them time and money, you can expect some referrals and repeat customers. 

Don't focus too much on the science or engineering companies. Eco-friendly companies will likely appreciate your services since you help them keep their carbon footprint down. 

4. Teaching 

If you're inclined that way, you can also offer courses on using 3D printers. You can keep them on the simple side of the nuts and bolts of using the machine. If you don't mind the effort, you can include material on developing designs in the modeling programs. 

You can even let students test their designs in the machine. 

5. Custom Jewelry 

If you get the right kind of printer and you've got the design chops, you can launch your own jewelry brand. You can design collections around themes and offer limited numbers at high prices. Or, you can offer customized options for customers with jewelry from 3D printers

Taking Your PolyJet Printer into Business 

Your PolyJet printer can help you launch a number of potential businesses. 

You can jump in by printing off designs for other people. You can focus on creating your own designs to print and sell online. You will find plenty of businesses that will want prototypes printed by you. 

You can always turn your attention to teaching others about 3d printing with online or in-person courses, depending on your level of initiative. You can even launch your own jewelry line with a polyjet printer. 

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