What You Should Pack On A 7-Day Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

what to pack grand canyon rafting trip

Going on a rafting trip in the Grand Canyon is exciting. There’s so much to see and explore even when you’ve used up your 7-day trip. Most tourists leave wanting to go back as soon as they can. 

If you’re planning to have a 7-day rafting trip but haven’t booked yet, you can book through Advantage Grand Canyon. But if you already have a booking then you can already start packing for your trip. Don’t know what to bring? You’re in the right place. Here’s a guide on what to bring and other things you should know when packing for the Grand Canyon. 

What To Bring 

• Waterproof bags (for main luggage and everyday bag) 
• Repeatable outfits (cotton material for everyday wear)  
• Swimsuit or rash guard 
• Small towel 
• Tie-on Visors or sunglasses 
• Rain suits 
• Hiking shoes and strapped sandals 
• Sunscreen 
• Insect repellant 
• Toiletries 
• Prescription medicine 
• Water bottle 
• Batteries 
• Flashlights 

Tips In Packing For Your Trip 

1. Pack Ahead 

Nothing beats preparing for a trip, be it a simple day trip or a 7-day rafting experience at the Grand Canyon. Since you’re going to a place filled with nature and wildlife, you need to have the right attire, equipment, and necessities. You don’t want to be running out of toiletries in the middle of your trip. 

One of the best ways to prepare is to make a list of what you need to bring. Since it’s a 7-day trip, plan for your outfits and the bags that you can use. When it comes to clothes, you can definitely reuse them as long as they’re not dirty. 

2. Buy High-Quality Waterproof Bags

Waterproof bags are something you should invest in apart from your rain gear. Why? Just think about it this way - what if the raft you’re in suddenly misses a small waterfall and water gets inside the boat? If your bag isn’t completely waterproof (just water- resistant), then your clothes and devices can get wet. Even if you’re reluctant to spend a little extra for a more trusted bag, tell yourself that it’s cheaper to spend a little more than wasting your whole trip because of wet clothes, necessities, and devices. 

3. Use Ziplock Bags For Extra Security

If you’re still concerned about your personal belongings getting wet, then you can add another layer of security by placing them in Ziplock bags. There are many sizes for these bags so you can pack your clothes in one bag and your devices and batteries in another. Ziplock bags also act as an organizer since your things will be more compact when you place them in your duffel bag. 

4. Make Sure Your Camera Is Insured Or Has A Waterproof Container

If your camera can be insured, then it’s highly recommended that you get coverage for it. Even if it’s known to be water-resistant, it doesn’t mean that it can last getting rained on. If you don’t want to insure your camera, another alternative is to use a waterproof container. This is easier to find if you’ll be using your phone as a camera since there are readily available cases that are waterproof. 

5. Organize Your Bags

Even if this is a given, it still needs to be emphasized. When you pack for your 7-day trip, the things that you plan to use on the later days should be at the very bottom of the bag. This will save you from having to get what you need at the very bottom and removing everything inside it. Make sure to use organizers and small pouches for your toiletries and underwear, too! 

6. Check The Weather On Your Trip

A few weeks before you pack, it’s helpful to research the weather forecast for the days that you’ll be at the Grand Canyon. Doing so will help you prepare even better for the rainy and sunny days. And even if the forecast says that there will be no rain, pack a few rain gear just to be sure. 

Final Words 

A rafting trip at the Grand Canyon is very exciting but if you don’t prepare well, you’ll most likely not enjoy it. The key to enjoying the whole trip is in preparing early and anticipating any kind of weather. If you want to know more about what you should bring, you can ask the staff at your rafting outfitter for some recommendations.

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