Planning A Team-Building Activity? Try Rafting!

planning team building actiity try white water rafting build employee camaraderie

Wait a minute, did you just read rafting? Yes, it might sound unconventional, but rafting as a team-building activity is actually a good choice. 

What Is Rafting? 

Rafting is both an extreme sport and a recreational activity where you navigate through a river on an inflated raft. This is a group activity that requires at least four people. It is sometimes called white water rafting. 

Rafting is a popular activity in the United States especially since there are a lot of downstream rivers in the country like in the Grand Canyon. It is also considered as a great team-building activity both for families and teams. 

Benefits Of Rafting For Teams 

So why should you consider taking your team out for a rafting activity? Here are some benefits that will convince you to go the unconventional way. 

1. It Requires Teamwork

One of the primary goals of a team-building session is to foster teamwork. Whether your start-up company is tight-knit and has mastered the art of teamwork (due to smaller manpower and open office layouts) or you’re still trying to navigate with your team, rafting will definitely help set the record straight when it comes to working in teams. 

In rafting, everyone is required to cooperate and do their part. Otherwise, you will all be in danger. It’s not only that. Here, you’ll be able to see who’s a natural leader and who’s a great follower. You’ll be amazed at how this activity brings out people’s natural characteristics. 

2. It’s For Everyone

Sure, not everyone is naturally adventurous but rafting is an activity that only adventurous people can do. In fact, if you are a first-timer, there are rafting routes that can help you ease into the activity. Rapids range from grade 1-6 with 6 being the most difficult. If you’re looking for a rafting activity that can accommodate everyone in your team, you can just go for grades 1 or 2. It's the safest option so everyone can have fun without the extra liability.

3. It Gives You The Chance To Go Outdoors

What’s a team-building activity if you don’t go outdoors? Even the most religious of employees will appreciate your effort in bringing the team outside. You spend at least 45 hours in the office every week and during those times, you barely get to enjoy the sun and feel the breeze. 

When you go for a rafting activity, not only are you teaching your team cooperation and teamwork, you are also making an effort to ground them to the beauty of nature. This might not be something most HR practitioners would think of when it comes to team- building, but trust that being in nature does wonders. 

4. Save Money In Accommodations And Venue Rentals

The usual team-building activity consists of going out of town, renting several rooms, paying for all the food, and then renting a big room for your games and team-building activities. If you’re a start-up, you know that this will be a very big expense and it is sometimes not a guarantee of an effective team-building. 

With white water rafting, you save a lot yet you get almost the same results. Plus, most rafting companies give discounts to companies. 

5. Build Memories That Last

Lastly, team-building doesn’t have to be rigid and well-planned. It doesn’t have to be spent sitting in a room or just taking a group photo at the end of the session. Rafting creates memories that your team can always look back to. Whether it’s bad or good, these memories will mean more to your employees than a photo that will be forgotten. 

Team Building Time: Great Ready To Raft

Now that you’re convinced that you should give rafting a try, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets at your trusted rafting company.

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