Perfect Bathroom Sinks

vessel bathroom sinks

When choosing a bathroom sink, I knew I would never go for a boring and rectangular wall-mounted one. I was looking at vessel bathroom sinks only. They are trendy, stylish, and even reminding of 19-century washing basins. 

The touch is important to me. I would never choose a product made of glass. It feels cold and looks too shiny. I love the texture of a stone, although it requires proper maintenance. The fact that stone cut sinks are not very practical would not stop me from buying one.  But they often look pompous, and I wanted something modern. 

I needed something graceful, elegant, but still simple and not glossy;  a sink that has a warm and natural touch but not too rustic. 

I was fascinated with Aquatica sinks because of their shapes. They remind me of the beauty and luxury of a free-standing bathtub. All models are made of composite high-quality and eco-friendly materials that don’t go yellowish with time. 

I don’t like it when interior objects are put next to each other. So, when the time to restyle my vanity came, I was looking at different shapes. 

In spite of being a white table and sanitary ware believer, I was seriously considering a NeroX sink. The color is gray-black with a matte finish. But I ended up with a white Coletta-B. It is charming and simple yet really sophisticated. It looks like a big festive dish. 

To be informative, I need to say that the material is said to be durable, and it can be repaired by the company. But what matters to me is how my sink floats above the countertop; the feeling of lightness and comfort it gives me every morning and every evening. Besides, I need to admit the sink is very easy to clean. 

There are also other products that the company offers, such as I love how little space they occupy. The shower doesn’t look standing on the ground. It almost flies in the air. Hope the time will come to look into their features more closely and beautify my home with another gracious Aquatica product.

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