Powerful Digital Marketing Techniques for the Bathroom Industry

If you’re in the bathroom retail business, then one of the best ways of increasing your sales, if you haven’t already done it, is to start selling on as well as offline. This will really open you up to a much wider audience, and you’d be surprised how many people are willing to buy things like power showers and even whole bathroom suites based solely on your website. 

Of course, if you want to sell your bathroom products online, you need to market them, your company and your website, effectively, or your website will not be seen by very many people at all, and your efforts will be wasted. 

Luckily, it’s not that difficult to market bathroom products online if you know what you are doing, many companies have already done so very successfully. The key is to use the most powerful techniques at your disposal. What are those techniques? I hear you ask. Let me fill you in: 

Find Your USP 

Every company whether they’re selling bathrooms or barbecues has a unique selling point. Admittedly, for those of us selling what are, for all intents and purposes, more practical products, it is not always easy to work out what that is but work it out you must because you’ll be competing with a lot of similar businesses online. If you want to raise your head above the parapet and beat out the competition, you need to offer something unique. That could be the fact that, like, PlumbersStock.com you sell smart bathroom devices or high-end products, the fact that you offer customized bathroom solutions that are different from the norm or the fact that your business is built on the premise of sustainability. It doesn’t matter what your USP is as long as you have one and you mention it in your copy a lot! Once you have your USP, you seriously cannot use it enough to leverage your position and gain more customers. 

The Right Keywords

There are those people who say that keywords aren’t all that important anymore, but most SEO experts do still use keywords quite simply because, if you find the right ones - the ones that people who are looking to buy the bathroom products you sell search for - you can increase your traffic and make more sales. So, if you’re not hiring an SEO expert, what you need to do is sit down and make a list of all of your best products (smart showers, bidets, twin clamps, etc.) and most unique selling points (sustainability, Customization, etc.) and then think of the bets ways of putting them together. It’s not always easy to work out the perfect keywords to use, but there are research tools that can help you.Ideally, you should aim to target keywords that are more specific like ‘twin clamps’ instead of ‘bathrooms faucets’ for example, and which have less competition, while also summing up pretty well what it is that you are selling. If you can do that, you will get more hits. 

Speak Their Language 

If you want to engage your target audience - and what business doesn’t? - you have to speak their language. You need to create lots of content about your products and services, as well as all things bathroom in general, and you need to do so in a way that retail customers can relate. So, ditch the jargon, unless you’re selling to other tradespeople, and give it to them straight. Don’t just sell to them either, create posts on designing the perfect bathroom, decorating small bathrooms, choosing the perfect tiles for your bathroom and anything else you can think of that will appeal to your audience, engage them and encourage them to trust you as an authority. If you can do that, you will build a strong audience who come back to you time and time again, and who are basically a captive audience. Fail to do this, and you risk alienating them and sending them elsewhere. 

Take Amazing Pictures and Write Detailed Descriptions

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home, and it is often one of the most expensive to renovate, so you need to know that your customers aren’t going to part with their hard-earned cash so easily. That’s why it’s important that you make it absolutely crystal clear to them what they will be buying. You do this first and foremost by taking lots of high-resolution pictures from every conceivable angle, and by creating product descriptions that are as detailed as they are persuasive. You can see some good examples of this technique at https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/. But, basically, the more information your audience has, the more likely it is they will buy. So, splash out on a professional photographer and content writer if you really do want to beat the competition. 

Use Social Media 

The bathroom industry can really benefit from advertising on social media because a lot of what social media is about is showing off the stuff you have, whether that be the clothes you wear or the superior state of your bathroom. It makes sense then to focus a lot of your marketing efforts on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, which are very visual in nature and have huge audiences, Not only that but you should use ads to target lookalike audiences - the people who are following similar businesses to yours - because you know they are likely to be most receptive to your ads. 

Sure, you may have to spend a fair amount of money to do this, but since you are likely to make that back 10, 100 or even 1000-fold or more, it will be money well spent. Of course, you have to actually update your social media platforms with beautiful, engaging and interesting content regularly or people will stop looking, but if you can do that, you should see the kind of results I’m talking about results. 

Are you in the bathroom industry? Which digital marketing techniques have you tried for your business? What has worked best for you in terms of return on investment? Tweet @MikeSchiemer #Bootstrap Business with your feedback on Twitter.

I hope you enjoyed this article about effective digital marketing techniques for the bathroom and home improvement industry.

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