Bootstrap Business Blog Blitz 13: Quick Questions Answered Accurately

Welcome to another installment of Bootstrap Business Blog Blitz: Your Quick Questions Answered Accurately! For the last decade I've been answering countless questions from readers and peers about ebooks, social media, email marketing, entrepreneurship, blogging, and more via Facebook, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, and other platforms. Sometimes I can’t spend hours answering their questions so I quickly type up the first reply that comes to my head in 5–10 minutes or less. Not much editing or revising is done so I'll apologize ahead of time for any typos or grammar issues. 

I love to help people out or at least give them my opinion / experience, but I also know that others can benefit from these insights as well. The answers don’t always apply to everyone since they were intended for 1 person or company, with varying degrees of context that I’m already aware of when answering. Let the Bootstrap Business Blog Blitz begin again. Open the floodgates!

What Is The Best Way To Promote Small Businesses Online?

There is usually no 1 “best” way to promote your small business online. Sure there are some people who hit a home run on a single platform like a blog, YouTube, or Instagram that singularly results in 5–8 figure financial success. But for most entrepreneurs and small businesses it is due to a synergistic combination of: Social Media Email Marketing Blogging Search Engine Optimization Mobile Applications Websites Books / eBooks Speaking Engagements Podcasts YouTube Traditional Marketing (TV, Radio, Billboards, Print Media, Signage) Professional Networking Events & Affiliations

I posted a link to my new business on my Facebook profile and only got a few likes? What happened?

To reach the most people and get the largest amount of engagement it's usually best to share a picture and then link to your website in the text portion of your post. Some people are even saying "website link in the first comment below" but that might be a little overboard and counterproductive. But I think a big part of it in your case is also that you post relatively often. Each day or multiple times per day it seems. The more you often you post the more you spread yourself thin and each post will get less eyeballs and less time to get a reaction. Sometimes less in more on Facebook, and on other social media platforms to a lesser extent. If you want to post something major on Facebook I'd refrain from posting for at least a couple days and then post the picture with the link in the text description portion.

Do You Use Facebook Power Editor? 

Yes I use it weekly or even daily for promoting pages or boosting media posts more effectively. It allows you to select more advanced options on page ads or individual posts over just the default promotion options or basic “boosting” choices. You can bid on prices you’re willing to pay, along with nearly every point of data available to target your audience

How Do You Promote Your Websites On Reddit Without Getting Blocked Or Suspended?

I’d advise just testing the waters with a few subreddits. See how the members and moderators of these subreddits handle other members promoting their own blog or website. But there’s really only one way to know for sure, go for it. Usually they’ll just remove your post and tell you not to do it again. Then you know it’s time to move on to another subreddit or utilize another strategy to promote your blog. Maybe even create your own subreddit where you make the rules!

Do People Know If You Searched For Them On Instagram?

No, a person will not be notified or aware that you’ve searched for them on Instagram unless you clicked Follow, Like, or Comment on their IG media. If you view their “Stories” they can see who viewed their Stories, but otherwise they wouldn’t be aware.

If You Have Multiple Instagram Accounts, Does Activity On One Of Them Show Up On The Others?

No, each account is separate. If someone is following both of your accounts then they may see when either of them makes a post, follows another account, likes a post, comments, etc.

Why Won't My Instagram Allow Me To Add Another Account?

You can manage 5–6 total accounts at once depending on your device or app version. Update your app or delete / reinstall if that doesn’t work.

How Do I Regain Access When I'm Locked Out Of Instagram And Lost Access To My Associated Email Account?

Try to regain access to the email address with Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, or hosting company. Hopefully you have a backup email address tied to it or a backup phone number tied to it. If you disabled your Instagram account to take a temporary break then you should be able to log in at any time. If Instagram disabled your account then you are at their mercy to reinstate it and unless you know someone who works there you’re probably out of luck. You might be best off starting from scratch, following IG’s terms and conditions, and making sure you have a backup phone number and email address tied to your accounts.

If Someone Views My Instagram Video Multiple Times, Will It Register As Multiple Views?

I can almost guarantee the answer to that is No. Facebook (Instagram’s parent company) has taken a lot of criticism for exaggerating the reach analytics and stats of posts, especially videos. They’ve cracked down on what constitutes a valid “view” including at least a portion of the video viewed for a few seconds and probably 1 per account. Otherwise we could all increase our view number infinitely without anyone really seeing the video.

Can Instagram Follow Accounts Automatically?

No, Instagram does not send out auto-follow requests to any accounts. You can follow (or send a follow request if the account is private) all of your Facebook friends that are currently on Instagram if you desire, or at least the maximum number of accounts you can follow at any one time. There are also applications that may or may not violate Instagram’s terms and conditions with the ability to automate likes, comments, and follows. I would advise not to use such a service because those apps will probably get closed down (and usually cost money) or this practice could put your Instagram account’s standing in jeopardy.

How Do I Figure Out Who I Have The Most Facebook Friends In Common With?

There is no way to tell besides manually browsing through your friends. It would make the most sense to start with old classmates, coworkers, business promoters, or those from your home town. I have 5,000 friends and could figure it out manually within 10 minutes or so. Sometimes it will just be another person with close to 5,000 friends that has also connected with as many valuable connections as possible. They might not be actual “friends” but more like “contacts”. If you really want to save time and money, don't even bother trying to figure this one out. 

Can You Block A Facebook Friend From Knowing About Another Facebook Profile?

Your potentially blocked friend could easily just check if they can view their other friend’s account with another username or not logged in. If they can see the account in this way, and not with their account logged in, then obviously they were blocked. But everyone involved should probably just live their lives and not waste their time and energy.

Can Someone Create A Snapchat Account Using An Existing Username, Phone Number, & Email Address?

Names are not regulated or verified, otherwise you’d have to put in your social security number / driver’s license / government issued ID when creating your profile. A person can log in on any phone but can only verify an account phone number with an SMS verification. If a phone number is already verified by Snapchat then another new or existing account can’t claim that phone number. If there is a case of impersonation then you should hit the Report button on the alleged account.

Can Someone Add Me Again If I Remove Them  As A Friend?

If you blocked someone they can’t re-add you. Otherwise you can reconnect.

Do You Use Twitter Direct Messages Or Just Email?

I very rarely check Direct Messages on Twitter because I get dozens or hundreds a week and 99% of them are spam. Once in awhile I’ll skim through some and find a real request, but most people should know by now that they should reach out via email or a website contact form. Even if I do engage with someone in a discussion via DM, if it’s important I’ll provide them with my email so we can continue the conversation like professionals.

Keep the questions coming and I'll keep educating and motivating!

I hope you enjoyed this newest installment of Bootstrap Business Blog Blitz: Quick Questions Answered Accurately.

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