5 Best Automated Webinar Tips From The Pros

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As you may have noticed by now, automated webinars are not created equal. Or else, you wouldn’t be here browsing through this article. 

A webinar is a powerful lead-generating tool when done right. It can help build your brand, establish authority in the industry, and be repurposed in many ways like blogs, videos, and other types of content. 

Automated Vs. Live Webinars 

Just as the name suggests, live webinars are everything you see from the presentation to the chat is happening in real-time. On the other hand, automated webinars involve pre-recorded presentations. 

Some companies use a recorded webinar so that they can focus on interacting with attendees in the chat and other things that make a webinar campaign a success. Other businesses use them to put an entire campaign on autopilot so they can generate results without touching the webinar ever again. 

Both webinar types bring positives and negatives. It’s up to you which one is best for the program you intend to run. 

Webinar Tips From The Pros 

While some enjoy massive success with more than enough attendees, most fall flat with high drop-off rates. But there’s nothing to worry about. In this guide, you’ll get free profitable automated webinar tips from professionals to pull-out yourself from the zero-conversions zone. 

Tip #1 - Record Automated Webinar From Square One

Contrary to a live webinar which is streamed in real-time, an automated webinar is pre-recorded. With it, you’re able to make sure that you have a flawless presentation since you can re-shoot and edit as needed for your final output. 

However, don’t just use a recording of a live event for your automated webinar. Instead, consider recording from scratch as there may be certain elements that you should map out. Since you can set automated webinars on autopilot, focus on creating evergreen content so you can continue closing leads overtime. 

What’s An Evergreen Webinar? 

An evergreen webinar lets you reach audiences by sharing valuable content that is always fresh and needed. They are webinars that talk about topics that are relevant and interesting, no matter when and in what circumstance you run them. 

Regular webinars are great, but evergreen webinars are much better as they’re automated instead of live. As people have the option to play your webinar anytime they want, you can attract customers and get sales without much effort. 

Tip #2 - Omit Any Reference Of Time

A great way to maximize an automated webinar is to run it in your attendees’ time zone, many times in a day. However, when streaming an event this way, leave out a reference of time as it can ruin the experience. 

For instance, don’t say things like “Good morning!” or “Good afternoon!” — try keeping it generic. Instead, you can say “Hi and welcome to this webinar.” But sometimes, as an exception to the rule, it may make sense to mention the time if you have an automated event that you stream once a day at a specified time. Also don't use any dated references in case you need to use your webinar months or even years from now.

Take note: the goal of an automated webinar isn’t to trick your audience. It’s safe to call it something like a “live streaming webinar,” meaning that they’re in fact videos streamed in real-time. If you need a webinar tool or webinar software that lets you stream events in real- time, StealthSeminar allows this. 

Tip #3 - Have A Question And Answer Section

Some people have a misconception that they don’t need to have a Q and A section for an automated webinar. But even for recorded webinars, it’s important to answer your attendees’ questions as long as you present it properly. You can say that you’re going to answer questions at the end of the webinar, but if you don’t get to answer all, you will get back to them (either through email or a call). 

Set expectations for when the questions can get a response. This way, your attendees won’t get concerned during streaming the event on why their questions aren’t answered immediately. 

How To Answer Questions In A Recorded Webinar? 

Although you can’t take questions right away as opposed to a live webinar, you can take advantage of common questions people asked you about your program. Your Q and A section should only handle relevant objections and questions as you won’t want to be wasting your time. 

Survey 10 of the best FAQ questions that came from your previous webinars. These questions should be something that your audience should know regarding the product or service you’re offering that they might not be familiar with. 

Sample Wording: 

“Thank you to everyone who asked questions! I will be answering some of those now, but if I don’t get to all questions, I will try to send you the answer via email.” 

Tip #4 - Add Call To Actions (CTAs)

Do you want to keep the energy up during your webinars? You can offer timed events such as “Buy Now” buttons, free downloads, or intriguing questions. 

When it’s a person’s first time to attend your webinar, you can display answers under or next to the video frame that asks them to answer a certain question. For example, you can ask a question relating to your topic like: “Welcome to my webinar. Is it your first time creating an automated webinar? Let me know if it’s a yes or a no below!” Interactive points and periodic questions in an event can add engagement, especially when you add a “Buy Now” button at the moment you reveal your price.

Tip #5 - Offer Discounts Or Special Bonus Packages

Can you still give incentives to people who buy your automated webinars? Of course, you can! Even if your event is automated, someone who’s really interested in your webinar will gladly welcome any freebies or incentives from you. 

You can start by offering a discount using a promo or coupon code and let attendees see the drop from the original price. Then, emphasize that the special code is only available at a specific event (if they attend). Since it’s an automated webinar, you may tend to lose a bit of engagement, so try not to demand too much for your product or service. 

Set It Then Forget It

When you do it right, your automated webinar can become an automatic sales engine. Make sure to produce evergreen content to ensure that your event is something that will continue making sales endlessly. Automate and dominate!

Don’t just stop here, there are still many strategies out there that can make your automated webinar a success. Learn as much as you can, keeping in mind that your goal is to sell continuously on autopilot. Eventually, with your hard work, you can achieve your ultimate dream for every business – passive income.

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