5 Ways Printed Newsletters Benefit Your Business

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Here in the digital age, our email inboxes get blasted with dozens of e-newsletters, deals, and promotions every single day. So how do you get people to notice your company when you have to compete with all of that? 

The answer is the printed newsletter. There are many benefits to creating physical copies of your business's newsletter. Keep reading for the top five perks of printed newsletter marketing. 

1. They Don't Have to Compete with a Spam Folder 

If you toggle over to your spam folder, you're likely to see dozens of emails that you'll never open. Many companies attempt to spread their business information by sending out digital blasts. But most of them never even make it to your inbox. Printed newsletters allow your company to step right over your target customer's spam folder and place your business information right in their hands. 

2. Printed Newsletters Have Less Competition 

Many companies have gone completely over to digital marketing. So your company can stand out when you print flyers or newsletters. By putting a hard copy of your business's information in their mailbox, you can grab people's attention immediately. 

3. They Give You a Chance to Provide Potential Customers With Useful Information 

Printed newsletters are the perfect setting to answer questions about your industry. By offering your target customer the information that they want, you build credibility for yourself and your brand. 

When they need the service you provide, they'll go straight to you, since you've educated them on the subject already. 

4. A Printed Newsletter Gives Your Company a Human Face 

Printed newsletters give you the opportunity to spotlight great employees, or write up an "About Us" section. This gives your company a certain small business feeling. People love it when they feel as though they can connect personally with a business. 

By giving your company a human face, you send a very clear message to your target customers. You are a business that puts people first and will manage your customer's needs like they are family. 

Plus, how many companies would handprint their newsletters and deliver them? It shows that you are willing to go the extra mile. Customers like that. 

5. They Convey Quality 

Hard copy newsletters show your customers that you care about quality. The fact that you went through the trouble of having something printed and mailed to your customers signifies that the content of your newsletter must be worth reading. 

This prompts people to open your newsletter, something they may never have done if it was sent to their email inbox. 

Additionally, you can choose from different types of paper and image quality when selecting a company to help you with newsletter printing. New Era Print Solutions offers a wide variety of print options that can help you convey a quality message to your target customer. 

Brighten Up Someone's Mailbox with a Quality Newsletter 

There are so many reasons that a printed newsletter is the best move for your business advertising. In a world that has largely converted to digital, dare to stand out from the crowd with print marketing.

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