The Ins and Outs of Email Validation

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There are currently over 3.9 billion email addresses floating around on the web. This begs the question: which of these addresses are actually real? 

Blogs and online businesses often use email lists to update their followers and customers. A fake or invalid email, however, leads to poor sender credibility and can make these lists obsolete. 

This is where email validation comes in. These tools sift through your email list to identify verified email addresses while avoiding any fake or invalid ones. 

If you're a blogger, online marketer, or business that regularly uses email to communicate with your clients, you know all about fake emails. Read on to find out what email validation is and how it can keep your marketing lists clean. 

What Exactly Is Email Validation? 

Email validation is a method where you verify whether an address from an email list is valid. It can also check whether an address has a reliable domain such as Yahoo or Gmail. 

While plenty of email service providers offer these services, there are also third-party tools to help you do this. Email validation providers use complex verification systems to ensure your lists stay clean. 

Email validation not only helps you clean and organize your email list, but also maximizes the efficiency of your email program. 

How Does It Work? 

Using email validation systems first involves uploading your list of email addresses into the program you're using. 

The email validation tools will then scan over the list to determine whether each address is valid, risky, or invalid. Email addresses will either be verified to the mailbox level or be "bounced" out. 

Valid addresses are real and should be error-free. Risky addresses indicate that the recipient exists but there are other factors that can result in a bounce. Invalid addresses likely have syntax errors, DNS errors, or mailbox errors that force it to be bounced. 

Email validation also identifies spam traps, which are email addresses that are meant to catch spam. 

These addresses don't belong to anyone and can be harmful to marketers. Luckily, email validation tools spot these traps before they're flagged by your email service provider. 

How Email Validation Helps 

By eliminating invalid emails and avoiding spam traps through email validation, you achieve a lower bounce rate. This greatly improves your Sender Score and boosts your overall reputation in email marketing. 

Sender Score is a metric that shows your online reputation to email subscribers on a scale of 0 to 100. The greater your score is, the more your recipients will trust your emails. 

Email validation greatly improves your Sender Score and therefore increases your email deliverability. The more emails you deliver, the more clicks you'll get. This will inevitably lead to greater conversions and a better profit margin. 

By sending emails to valid addresses, you'll also save plenty of time and money. As such, email validation greatly improves your email marketing efficiency. 

Leverage Email Validation to Keep Your Email Lists Clean 

Your email list allows you to improve your outreach and get your site out there. You shouldn't have to spend all day trying to find a fake email that's ruining your reputation as a sender. 

Email validation is an effective way of sifting through invalid addresses and increasing your overall conversion rate. Use this article to explore how you can use these tools to improve your email marketing strategy. 

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