Modern Email Address Validation Service

modern email address validation service emails verification

Email distribution systems can block an account if the database contains many non-existent addresses, or if there are spam complaints after the distribution. 

To avoid unpleasant surprises and not to lose money and time, it’s important to check email address (for example, with It’s especially important when you get an email database from a partner (i.e. its quality is not guaranteed) or your email mailing list has been lying on the shelf for a couple of years. 

Email Validation Tools And Price 

There are two categories of tools to validate email address: SaaS and applications. The application must be downloaded and installed on the computer, while SaaS solutions (such as TrueMail) are available online, so you can work with them through web browsers on any device. 

Computer applications are affordable, as usually the user acquires a license to use the tool in one workplace. Typically, such programs allow you to verify an unlimited number of email addresses. In case of online tools, the client pays for a monthly subscription and / or for the number of verifications available during the month. 

Email IP Address Security 

Despite several advantages, the intensive use of desktop validators can spoil the reputation. The mail servers on which your subscribers' mailboxes are located can accept verification requests for spam attacks, and in return you will receive false statuses for checking email accounts. 

In the worst case scenario, your IP may be blacklisted by anti-spam services. Of course, you can always choose proxies in order to hide the IP address, but you will have to pay for reliable proxies, which will increase the cost of the campaign as a whole. 

Email Validators

Email validators are useful tools for fixing errors that have already happened. But it is even better to prevent invalid addresses from being added to your list. Therefore, verification of email addresses should be entrusted to professionals. 

Email Verification Steps: 

1. The process begins with verification of compliance with standard spelling rules. From list are excluded addresses that are out of the standards. After this type of check, your mailing lists will not contain misspelled addresses or those that were deliberately misspelled. 

2. Verification of the existence of the domain name of the address. If the domain does not exist, then the email address obviously does not exist. 

3. Analysis of the response of the mail server. The program tries to access server and send message, and then processes the response. Thus, according to the responses of the recipient's mail server, it is possible to determine with great accuracy the validity of the email address

Validate Emails For Better Email Marketing Results

As a result of this effective three-step verification of the existence of email addresses, the maximum number of nonexistent email addresses is eliminated, and the removal of those that are real is also prevented. Overall this makes your email marketing much more successful and the price you pay for your subscriber list a lot lower with many emailing services.

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