3 Top Jobs In Aviation

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If you are looking to start a career in aviation, chances are good that you are looking to learn about the top jobs in the industry. Without a doubt, there are many great kinds of jobs that are important and valued within the industry. For that reason, it is important to keep in mind why you specifically want to get into the field. 

Do you want to travel all over the world and meet fascinating people? Are you excited about huge machines and learning about mechanics? 

Whether it is one of those two or something in between, here are some of the 3 top aviation jobs to keep in mind. 

1. Commercial Pilot 

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that one of the top jobs in the aviation industry is being a commercial pilot. While it takes a lot of time and money to rise into the ranks of commercial pilot, it can be very worth it as you get a great job with wonderful experiences. Airline pilots will need a bachelor’s degree, a commercial pilot’s license and an Airline Transport Pilot certificate. There is also a large amount of training on the job that commercial pilots take part in. 

Overall, the median wage for a commercial pilot is just over $75,000. Those in the top 10 percent of wage earners in the position earn approximately $145,000 per year. 

2. Commercial Air Traffic Controller 

Commercial air traffic controllers are amongst the most responsible and highly respected professionals within the industry. They are responsible for managing runways and flight patterns and making sure that every airline that they are communicating with is operating safely and correctly. While safety is obviously the most important consideration, they make every day, they are also tasked with creating an efficient and timely schedule day in and day out. 

Air traffic controllers typically will complete the Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative. This can be either a two- or four-year program and upon completion they will have to complete an aptitude test before getting to work. Once they get to work, however, they can expect a fantastic income, with $125,000 being the approximate median wage and the top 10 percent of earners earning over $175,000 per year. 

3. Aircraft And Avionics Equipment Mechanic Or Technician 

Aircraft mechanics and avionics technicians are responsible for handling repairs and upkeep of all different kinds of aircraft. It is an incredibly important and fascinating job. They look at flight data, diagnose issues, repair and replace parts of the craft as needed and more. In order to become one, professionals typically have to attend an Aviation Maintenance Technician School. 

The median income for aircraft mechanics and avionics technicians is just over $58,000 per year with the top 10 percent earning over $80,000. 

Once licensed, some pilots start their own small airports to cater to those who want a private flying experience. If this sounds like something you could be on board with, then you will want to ensure you have everything an airport needs from maintenance equipment to an airport baggage tug to transport your passengers and their luggage. While an ambitious project, all of it comes together to make a great experience that could set you up for a long career.

Aviation Career Conclusion 

As you can see, these jobs are both fascinating and highly lucrative. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the aviation industry, you must start by doing research to see what education and training you will need to have in order to be considered for your ideal role.

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