What Types of Insurance Do Concrete Contractors Need?

concrete contractor insurance

As a concrete contractor, chances are good that you are always looking for ways to improve your business and get a leg up on your competitors. You are also surely wanting to find out new ways that you can improve the safety and professionalism of your business. 

One of the top ways to do all of that at once is to make sure that you are comprehensively covered by insurance so that yourself, your employees, your clients, their belongings, and your tools and belongings are insured and safe no matter what takes place on the job site. 

Click here to learn about concrete insurance, and read on to get a quick breakdown of what types of insurance your concrete business should have. 

Commercial General Liability Insurance 

If you could only have one type of insurance, this would be the one to get! This type of insurance protects your business if you physically injure another person or cause damage to someone else’s property. In fact, a large number of clients are known to require that any concrete business they work with have this type of general liability insurance. 

The three main things that commercial generality liability insurance cover are: 

● Property damage 
● Bodily injury 
● Products and completed operations 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance 

Another incredibly popular kind of insurance for concrete businesses to have is workers’ compensation insurance. This type of insurance provides funds for medical expenses and lost wages in the event that you or one of your employees is injured while on the job. Because concrete work has a higher rate of injury than many other forms of work, it is crucial that you make sure that this makes it on the list of types of insurance your company is covered by. 

Commercial Property Insurance 

Another very important type of insurance for your business to have is commercial property insurance. This type of insurance provides protection for property that your business owns or is responsible for. This type of insurance includes covering property that you take with you to the job site such as mixers, compactors, saws, grinders, and testers. Not only are these items insured if they are damaged, but also if they are subject to fire, theft, accidental damage, and vehicle crashes. 

Commercial Auto Insurance 

As a concrete business, there is no doubt that you have one, two, or perhaps even a fleet of automobiles that take you and your employees to and from the job site. Making sure that these expensive vehicles are covered comprehensively is a great way to ensure that you do not find yourself in a financial hole should one or more of these vehicles be damaged or get in a car crash. 

Concrete Contractor Conclusion 

The main goal of having any type of insurance is to make sure that you are protected should the unexpected occur with concrete. Since you can never know when an accident will happen, it is important that you have all types of the necessary insurance to make sure that an accident does not have a major impact on your business for years to come!

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