10 Tips to Find a Cheap Way to Fly Private

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You might be impressed with photos of private jets and wonder if it is really all it is cracked up to be.

The short answer is -- yes!

Flying in a private plane gives you the ability to set the mood of the plane, stay away from sick people, and avoid nervous passengers. These are just a few of the benefits, and we are sure you have your own list.

Not everyone is a millionaire, and you might still want to take advantage of flying private. How do you find the cheapest way to fly private, so you don't bust your budget? Continue reading this article to learn 10 top tips for getting the best price on private flights.

1. Book Early

When you're looking for affordable private jet travel, it pays off to plan. Booking your flights early will allow you to get the best prices for your trip.

Planning your trip a month or more in advance will allow you to get the best rates. Many people don't plan this far in advance, but if you can, you can a much better deal than the people that wait until the last minute.

2. Compare & Book Online

There are sites that are specifically made for private jet bookings like Jettly. You can look at different sites that allow you to book flights and see which ones have the best prices. When you're looking at these prices, make sure to see if the ones that charge higher prices provide additional services.

You might be willing to pay more for the services they offer, or they might be something that you don't care about.

3. Fly Smaller

If you don't want to up the price of your flight, you need to stay away from the big planes. You don't need a big jet if it's just you and a couple of people on the flight. Even if the plane is more glamorous, you need to decide if it is worth paying the extra bucks to get you to your destination.

4. Props or Jets?

If you have a short flight, you might consider opting out on the jet and going with a turboprop. Flying on a turboprop will save you money, and it will allow you to land on shorter runways.

Some turboprops can still give you the feel of a private jet inside, so don't count them out if you're looking for luxury.

5. Look Into Regional Airports

You might only know about the large airports in your area, but that's not the place to get the best price on travel. If you want to get more bang for your buck when you're traveling, look into regional airports.

While big airports might be the best when you're traveling on a normal plane, that doesn't always apply to flying in a private jet or turboprop. When you're flying in a smaller plane, you can get to smaller airports, which means you can get closer to your final destination.

6. Consider Air Taxis

Air taxis are much more affordable than private jets, but provide the same type of service. 

With attractive flight packages and easy on-demand services, this could be a good option for people that don't have the cash for a private jet or turboprop.

7. Look for Empty Legs

If you are flexible with how you fly, you can contact operators and ask for empty leg prices. Empty legs happen when someone books a flight in one direction and the pilot is flying back home without passengers. These companies don't want to fly empty, so they give major discounts to people that will fill the empty leg.

8. Fly With a Group

No matter how many people board the flight, the price is still the same. If you can get a group of your friends to fly on the plane with you, you can split the cost and fly in luxury without going over your budget.

You don't even have to know the people you split the plane with. You can look for people that are going the same way, and ask them if they want to split the flight. You may be able to find sites that will help you connect with these people.

9. Consider Older Planes

If you know the type of plane you want to fly on, but it's a little too expensive, you might be able to get in the right price range by going with an older model. Older planes might not have all the amenities the newer planes have, but many people only care that they are getting to their location quickly and safely.

10. Say Goodbye to Frills

If you don't mind flying without frills like catering and drink service, you can get a better deal on flights. If you're flying a short distance, you don't usually need the extra frills, and you can easily grab an inexpensive bite to eat when you get to your destination.

Getting Good at Finding the Cheapest Way to Fly Private

Now you know some things you can do when you're trying to find the cheapest way to fly private planes. These tips will help you get more time in the sky for less coin out of your pocket.

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