5 Benefits Of Traveling By Private Jet

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The COVID-19 pandemic has upset the aviation industry in various ways, bringing flights, aircraft manufacturing, maintenance, and other transactions to a halt. It is one of the sectors hit the hardest by the global health crisis. 

However, there is one sector of the aviation market that has managed to stay afloat and even outpace commercial flights: the private air charter services. 

During the COVID-19 crisis, private aviation remained open for business. If people need to travel to check their company and employees, get medical treatment, or be with their family in another state or country, they can charter an aircraft and go where they have to go. 

The High Points Of Flying By Exclusive Air Charter Service 

Corporate air charter services gained prominence during the COVID-19 crisis and are expected to maintain their status post-pandemic because of of the benefit they offer: 

1. Freedom To Travel With Guaranteed Availability 

As mentioned, private jet charters continue to operate even when commercial flights are still reeling from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Since many commercial airlines still have limited flights, private jets make it easier for people to reach their destination. Travelers can also choose the date and time of their travel without fears of having their flights canceled. 

This is a benefit that travelers can enjoy, whether they are traveling alone, with their family, or colleagues. 

Moreover, travelers can benefit from the more extensive route options private jet charters offer. 

The variety of destination options and flexibility of travel dates and times give people more choices and freedom when traveling. Whether they are going on a business trip, work-related activities, or to escape the gloom that comes with bad weather conditions, a chartered private jet is an excellent solution. 

2. Biosecurity Is A Top Priority 

The coronavirus continues to be a huge, worldwide health issue, so many people are still hesitant to travel even if restrictions have been lifted. 

Although airline personnel work hard to deep-clean and sanitize commercial planes thoroughly, many travelers are still doubtful about their efforts. After all, the aircraft is large and used nearly every day, with numerous passengers from different places moving around. 

Because of this, there is always the chance that the aircrafts are not being cleaned and disinfected properly. 

Additionally, even if commercial airlines follow reliable and recommended biosecurity measures, they will still encounter difficulties finding solutions to minimize crowds in halls and the long queues of strangers. 

Since private jets are smaller, the cleaning staff can clean and sanitize the aircraft more thoroughly. They can spend more time disinfecting all areas and surfaces aboard the plane, including the seats, windows, and toilets. 

Moreover, before and during a flight, the attendants can perform routine temperature checks on everyone aboard the aircraft. There will also be no issues with anyone refusing to wear a face mask, a key protective measure against the coronavirus. 

With a private air charter, travelers can have peace of mind and be sure that they have minimized their risk of contracting the coronavirus. 

3. Increased Protection Of Loved Ones And Other People 

With the flight exclusivity travelers can experience in private jets and additional safety measures, they are in a better position to reduce the possibility of being virus carriers themselves. This is because they’ll have limited contact with other people. 

Since the passengers themselves are protected from other people, they have a better chance of preventing the spread of the coronavirus to their family, friends, colleagues, and other people that they will be in contact with. 

Additionally, for people who need to travel with their family, a private jet is also the safest option. With the plane limited to only one group, there is a lower risk of acquiring any disease from strangers. 

A corporate air charter is also a safe option for groups of employees who need to travel for seminars, product launches, and other events that the whole team has to attend or organize. 

4. Lower Cost Of Private Travel 

Although more people are opting to travel by chartered jets, the cost for private flights has gone down. 

While most private jets are owned by individuals or companies that rent them out when they are not in use, there are also a number of planes that are intended specifically for air charter services. As such, these companies need to keep their aircraft in the air to cover all fixed costs and avoid losing money on maintaining them. 

As a result, many chartered jet companies offer discounts for the rental of these aircraft. Additionally, several companies have started implementing membership and loyalty programs. An example of these is travelers being required to pay a joining fee which guarantees them flights at a fixed rate. 

There are also other programs that allow frequent flyers to enjoy more benefits as they fly at lower costs. 

5. Premium Flying Experience 

Even if private jet companies and operators are reducing their rates, travelers can still experience the same level of comfort and luxury that they can only enjoy in a chartered aircraft. 

Private jets are equipped with luxury seats that provide ample room and offer more flexibility in terms of seating arrangements. Moreover, passengers can recline their seats in different positions allowing them to be more comfortable throughout their flight. 

Additionally, passengers can receive top-notch custom catering and enjoy other premium services during the flight. 

Also, chartering a plane means more baggage allowance and avoiding lengthy layovers. 

Many charter service providers also offer tailored travel solutions to travelers with the idea that they can book their private jet, limousine transfer or private driver, accommodation, and other services ahead of time. As a result, they will only have one point of contact, which can make their travel experience a lot less stressful. 

Since private air charter companies are willing to take extra precautions to protect their passengers health-wise and maintain and improve the services they offer, there is no doubt that more people will go for this travel solution during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Fly Private During The Coronavirus Pandemic

With a perfect mix of heightened biosecurity, convenience, comfort, and luxury, an air charter service is the best solution for individual and group travelers with or without a global health crisis.

Stuart Wheeler is the CEO of Air Charter International (ACI). Established in 1994 and based in Dubai, ACI is an aviation services provider with a dedicated team of aviation specialists focused on delivering professional aircraft lease and charter services to the following regions – Africa, Arabia, Asia , Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas.

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