3 Tips on Managing Digital Documents for Small Businesses

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Is your business emergency proof? With lockdowns in force all around the world, you need to be able to access all of the documents for your business at ease and share them with your employees easily.

There are many ways to do this. Here are some top tips for managing digital documents with your co-workers and employees.

1. Have a Great Filing System

Be sure to have a system in place that makes it easy to find all of your documents. Often when we download files from the internet they come with a long file name consisting of random numbers or a reference number.

Some people also like to use names for files such as 'random' or 'need this tomorrow' and to then store them all in their documents folder. This can be a nightmare for productivity.

To make yourself more productive great a filing system with as many files and subfiles as you need.

If you and your employees use a Mac, such as the MacBook Pro 16 inch, then be sure to take advantage of the color-coding system that comes included to make finding files even easier.

Archive any files that you think you might not need in a separate area of your computer or cloud file system. This is the best document management system.

2. Use PDFs if Possible

Portal Document Files (PDFs) are the most universal file type. They look great and can be stored easily. If you need to convert your C# to PDF format then pdf c# library can help you.

They don't take up much memory in terms of their file size and they can be opened on Mac's Preview program as well as on Adobe Reader on Microsoft machines.

This means a PDF can span the needs of many employees using a variety of different machines, Windows and Mac, old and new, big memory, and small. Even those computer geeks using open-source operating systems such as Linux can still open PDFs.

PDFs can also be annotated and even opened on e-reader machines like the Amazon Kindle and they can be scanned by cell phones using Adobe Scan software.

Remember to do regular software updates to ensure your PDFs stay secure.

3. Create Shared Folders Everyone Can Access

Another great way of managing digital documents is to create folders with shared access. We no longer have to share memory sticks around or send email attachments every time we want to share large documents.

Services like Box.net, iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox allow people to file share very easily. If a user makes changes to a file in the cloud then it will appear changed for all users.

Equally, you as a manager or employer can share a folder with many files with everyone and everyone can open the files they need without having to download them all onto their computer, taking up space.

Managing Digital Documents: Organize Yourself and Use the Cloud

Managing digital documents as a business owner or manager can seem like a pain. But in these times of lockdown and remote working getting it right has never been more important.

Organize yourself and be sure to take advantage of Cloud services such as Apple's iCloud and Dropbox.

If you are interested in learning more about managing digital documents be sure to check out our site. Visit the Tech section to learn more about secure and organized filing systems among other related topics.

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