Eating Clean on a Budget: 7 Ways to Eat Healthy While Money's Tight

eating clean on a budget ways eat healthier less money

Did you know that proper diet and exercise can improve both your physical and mental health?

If you've already got a gym membership, but you're not happy with your diet, you know you need to make a change ASAP in order to get the results you're looking for.   

With that being said, eating clean on a budget can be difficult. Healthier foods are often more expensive than foods that aren't good for you, making dieting that much harder. 

And when eating out, finding a healthy meal that isn't overpriced is next to impossible, which can lead to you throwing your diet out the window, too. 

If this sounds familiar, worry no longer because we're here to help! In this article, we'll break down 7 tips and tricks you can use when eating clean on a budget.

Now then, let's get started eating clean on a budget!

1. Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time

One of the best ways to ensure you're eating clean is to plan out all of your meals ahead of time. By taking away any last-minute decision making, you increase your chances of making good choices with your meals.

Want to take things a step further? Cook all of your meals ahead of time, too.

That way you can grab a premade, healthy meal to eat when your hungry, making dieting as convenient as fast food.

2. Only Buy Items on Your Grocery List

Of course, in order to plan out all of your meals, you need to go grocery shopping to get ingredients. And like your meals themselves, you need to make sure you've got a plan before stepping foot into a grocery store.

More specifically, you need to make sure you only purchase items on your grocery list. Doing so will ensure you don't grab any unhealthy snacks when in the store, which isn't what you want.

Another way to avoid this issue is to eat before you go grocery shopping. That way you aren't shopping on an empty stomach, increasing your chances of grabbing food you don't need because you're hungry. 

3. Purchase Generic Brand Items Only

While grocery shopping and planning your meals will help you eat healthily, it won't help you save money. There are, however, a few things you can do while grocery shopping to lower your grocery bill by more than a few bucks. 

One of the best and easiest ways to save money in the grocery store is to buy generic brand items. Doing so can save you a little bit per item, which of course adds up rather fast.

4. Start Taking Couponing Seriously

We've all seen someone use tons of coupons at the grocery store before. But does that actually save money? And is it worth the time and energy it takes to do so?

The short answer to those questions? Absolutely.

Couponing takes a bit more effort than simply purchasing generic brand items. But if you have the time and energy to do it, you can save a pretty penny on your groceries.

A pro tip? Keep a couponing book. Doig so will help you to stay organized, and even plan meals around what coupons you currently have, which is always a smart idea. 

5. Avoid Eating out Often

You've most likely noticed by now that we've done a lot of talking about purchasing and cooking your own food but not about eating out. And while eating out every once in a while is okay, doing so on a regular basis is not a good idea, to say the least. 

The cost of eating out often adds up quickly. It also increases your chances of making an unhealthy meal choice, which of course isn't a good thing.

Our recommendation? Eat out once or twice a week at most. Use is a chance to treat yourself to something you don't eat when cooking at home, but don't make it a regular habit. 

6. Cook Large Portions for Leftovers

Now that we've covered eating out, and why it's not a good idea to do so often, it's time to head back to your own personal kitchen.

And when you're in that kitchen, and you're cooking your own meals, you should consider making larger portions.

Doing so will give you more food to eat going forward. That, in return, reduces the amount of meal prep that you have to do yourself.

Also, it'll allow you to buy your groceries in bulk, which can save you a nice chunk of change as well.

7. Bring Your Lunch to Work Each Day

One of the biggest benefits of having leftovers is it allows you to bring your lunch to work. Because unless your office has healthy you vending machines nearby, odds are there isn't anything in the building that is healthy for you to eat.

We've also already covered while eating out, especially fast food, should be avoided.

Bringing your own lunch takes the thinking out of the healthy diet plan picture. You know what you're going to eat, and you know that it's healthy, making it that much easier for you to diet.

Improve Your Health by Eating Clean on a Budget

Well, there you have it! Those are 7 useful tips for eating clean on a budget!

So, if you plan on taking your diet more seriously going forward, and you want to avoid hurting your wallet while doing so, keep these ideas in mind!

Remember, the grocery store is your best friend. Plan your meals, shop smart, and cook large portions so you can eat food you cooked yourself for most meals.

For the most part, you should avoid eating out. Once or twice a week as a reward is okay, but making it a normal habit isn't a good idea.

Looking for more tips and tricks to build a healthy lifestyle while working hard? Check out our blog to improve your wellness and performance on and off the job while on a frugal budget.

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