How To Eat Healthy On The Go While Busy Working

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It is no secret that we live in a fast-paced world. Most of us are on the go from morning to night, with very little time to relax in between, let alone spend time thinking about nutrition. 

But good nutrition is one of the most important ingredients for a healthy lifestyle. In order to feel your best, and be able to tackle these busy days with energy and enthusiasm, learning how to eat healthy on the go is a must.

To learn how to put your best foot forward when it comes to nutrition in the shortest amount of time possible, keep reading!

 1. Don't Buy Junk Food

It can be easier said than done, but the best way to avoid eating junk food is to not buy it in the first place. This means not keeping junk food in your home, but also refraining from buying it when you are out and about.

When it comes to a healthy diet, moderation is key. You don't have to cut sweets out of your life for good! A piece of cake on your birthday or a bowl of ice cream on a Saturday night is fine, as long as you are balancing these choices with healthy ones.

For some people, the temptation junk food inspires is too strong, which is why it is best to avoid it entirely if having a box of cookies in the house means you are likely to eat the entire thing at once.

2. Eat Your Breakfast

Even if you are on the run from the moment you wake up in the morning, you should never skip breakfast. Your body needs to replenish nutrients, eight hours is a long time to go without food! Not to mention eating breakfast kick starts your metabolism.

The best way to get your breakfast in a hurry is to throw together a green smoothie or keep containers of yogurt in your fridge. Top the yogurt with a handful of granola and you are good to go!

3. Prepare Snacks in Advance

When you are on the go, snacks are your best friend. However, the quality of snack matters! Instead of pulling over to the gas station to grab a bag of chips or a candy bar, prepare healthy snacks in advance.

Don't let the thought of preparing food in advance intimidate you, putting together a few snacks for the week won't take more than a few minutes!

Chop up an apple and put it into a Tupperware container with almond butter. Or create your own parfait with Greek yogurt, granola, and a few chocolate chips. Even if you only have time to throw a handful of almonds into a Ziploc bag, pack a snack before you leave for the day!

4. Buy Pre-Chopped Produce

Preparation time adds a lot to the overall time it takes to cook a meal. To avoid this, buy your produce pre-chopped!

Now, you'll spend a bit more buying your produce ready to eat, but the time you'll save will be worth it. And don't stop at pre-chopped vegetables! You can also purchase pre-chopped and washed fruit for a quick snack option.

5. Plan Your Meals And Workout Nutrition

If you struggle to choose what to eat, plan your meals a week in advance. On Sunday, decide what you'll eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the week. This will also help with grocery shopping, as having a list will help you feel less tempted to buy junk.

Mark your calendar with the meals you'll be having and you'll take all the guesswork out of mealtimes! 

If you are an exercise enthusiast, it is also essential to plan your pre-workout, workout, and post-workout nutrition. This can be challenging if you have a busy schedule or are dealing with fatigue from long hours in the office. A top pre workout drink will give you the energy needed to get in the best exercise session possible while aiding in fat burning and muscle building. 

Drink plenty of water or a sports drink during your workout and consume a protein shake after your workout as well for optimal results on the go. 

6. Cook in Batches

Speaking of meal planning, you don't have to plan 21 different meals! Instead, plan and cook in batches. This means preparing a dinner, for example, that you'll eat for 3 or 4 days of the week. 

You will save a ton of time in both the planning and cooking process. To take it up a notch, cook all of your meals for the week at once. Yes, it will take a bit of time, but then you won't have to worry about food for the rest of the week.

7. The Freezer is Your Friend

When you are preparing all of your meals in advance, you will need somewhere to put the things you won't be eating right away. That is where a freezer comes in!

And freezers aren't just good for safely storing leftovers. There are a variety of frozen foods available at any grocery store that make healthy choices.

If you do buy frozen foods, however, be sure that you are avoiding highly processed TV dinners. Instead, choose bags of frozen fruits and vegetables or quinoa!

8. Use a Crockpot

Crockpots are absolute magic when it comes to cooking good meals that don't take much time. This is because they're made to cook hands-free! 

Simply throw all of your ingredients in before you leave in the morning, and by the time you get home, you'll have delicious soup or chili waiting for you. You can even use crockpots to cook short ribs or barbecue!

9. Use Simple Recipes

Those of us with jam-packed schedules don't have time for mile-long recipes with 57 different ingredients. That's why it's a good idea to keep things as simple as you can.

Choose recipes with ten ingredients or less, all of which you're familiar with. If you enjoy variety, add in a new recipe every week, but keep your routine largely the same to save time.

10. Take Advantage of the Work Fridge

Not everyone has access to an office fridge or even works in an office, for that matter! But if you do have an office fridge, don't be afraid to use it.

If your coworkers are respectful, you can bring your lunches and snacks for the entire week on Monday - one less thing to worry about!

Office vending machines are another option for quick snacks, as long as they have healthy choices. If the vending machines are filled to the brim with cakes and chips, suggest that one of them be exchanged for healthy vending machines.

That way, there's something for everyone!

Learn How to Eat Healthy on the Go and Feel Better

Fueling your body with quality food is essential for so many facets of health. From a reduced risk of developing diseases to improved cognitive ability to clearer skin, the benefits of eating healthy are indisputable. Prioritizing nutrition is a no-brainer!

If you feel that your busy lifestyle is preventing you from eating as healthy as you should, these tips are for you! 

Apply everything you have learned about how to eat healthy on the go to your life. You will be amazed by how quickly you experience positive changes in your mood and physical health.

In search of more tips for improving your health and nutrition while working? Be sure to take a look at our blog for eating healthier at work or while traveling for business.

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