Ways To Sync Google Contacts With A New Mac In 2023

how to sync google contacts mac os

When you need to rapidly import your Google contacts to a new device, you will unlikely want to try adding them manually. That is why you need some proven methods for adding your numerous contacts to your Mac with just a few clicks. With such a method, you will save precious time and be able to move on with your more important and less inundating tasks. 

So let’s walk through your algorithm of actions when you need to sync your Gmail contacts with MAC. As Gmail is one of the most popular email clients used worldwide, Mac offers built-in functionality to export your contacts from Google without limitations. 

When using your Mac OS system, find and check System Settings. You can also find System Settings in the upper-left corner of your Mac's screen.  In the menu that appears, choose the System Settings section. There, you will need to find another section called Internet Accounts. After doing so, you will be able to click the corresponding button to add an account. Among the options proposed, please select Google. And then sign in to your Google Account. Just drag the toggle to allow exporting contacts from your Google account to your MAC device. 

Another quite effective method of importing your contacts to your Mac is through your iPhone device using Apple ID synchronization. All Apple products work in synergy and are closely connected to one network. By transferring your Google contacts from an Android device to an iPhone, if you allow data exchange between your devices, they will appear on your Mac as well as on your iPhone. 

To complete the transfer of important contacts, you can also use Shared Contacts Manager. This system works pretty well when you need this task done ASAP. What you need to do is connect Shared Contacts Manager to an account from which you are going to take your data. In this case, this will be your Google Account. Then you will be able to organize all your contacts into special lists that can be later shared with specified audiences. 

You can also assign dedicated labels to your audiences if you have more than one. Your team members can also access our data if you grant them digital permission to do so. Their access can vary: you can set the system up so that they can only view the data, or edit, delete, or even reshare it. It is especially beneficial for those who need to delegate some data management tasks to their colleagues or employees. 

The platform allows for sharing contacts with people who may be even outside of your domain or workspace group. It allows one to share contacts with individual Gmail users, whether they use Mac or Windows operating systems. 

The most convenient is the contact update notification. Once the exact contact is changed or updated, all users with whom it was previously shared via Shared Contacts Manager get an automated notification informing them about the changes and the new version of the contact they have. This contact remains synchronized across all your devices, including desktop and mobile ones. And the synchronization process with it is quite fast and effortless. 

Besides, you can set  permissions for those who have access to your contacts so that they can’t spoil the data you have or accidentally overwrite it on your Macintosh computer. 

And the cherry on top is that all your information is fully secured with enterprise-grade security systems that won’t allow any data leaks if your contacts are in the top secret category of information. For instance, if it is your lead database, that helps you drive your business’s growth, and you want it safely on your Macbook Pro. 

With this little guide, you will be able to transfer your contacts securely to the Mac OS and save you precious nerve cells. Good luck with this task and stay productive.

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