3 Storage Solutions That You Should Have In Your Garage

best garage storage solutions storing stuff garages organized

The garage isn’t just for parking your car. Your garage can also be a big storage solution. You can easily make use of the space in your garage and turn it into a storage alternative. If you run a little short on storage space, use your garage as a spot to tuck away some of your belongings. 

One thing is for sure; you do not want your garage to turn into a stockpile of clutter. Use some storage hacks to turn your garage into an organized catalog of your stuff. We know that your garage is a place for parking your car. You would not want a bunch of garbage and items surrounding your vehicle. 

Have an idea of a plan or aesthetic for your garage. You can use some of these storage solutions to help keep your garage organized. 

A Large Trash Bin 

You would not want a ton of garbage to fill your garage. Having a lot of waste lying around makes the area unsanitary. There is a high chance that the trash you will find in your garage are a bunch of beer cans, tools, and car-related scraps. 

You should set up an accessible trash bin so that organizing and decluttering would be easy. Get the bigger trash can sizes so that upkeep doesn’t feel like too much of a chore. With large trash bins, you can take out the trash every two weeks or so. 

Additional Shelving 

You can add additional shelves for your garage storage. The best thing about adding shelves is that you can store other things that are not car-related. Garage shelves are one of the excellent toy storage ideas. If you want to keep your kids' toys away from them, tuck them away in the garage where they cannot see them. You can also store your tools on the shelves for easy access. 

You can add cabinets and shelves and have them mounted on a wall. The beauty of floating shelves and cabinets is that you do not need to move things over  to make space. The walls on your garage become the storage space that you need. Floating shelves also provide a functional aesthetic. We all know that men love garages that radiate a functional vibe. 

Bicycle Storage 

You can set up a bicycle mount to serve as your bicycle storage. Most of the bicycles I see are only stored somewhere in the house—you keeping your bikes inside your home guarantees that it would take up a lot of space. Not to mention, it does not look flashy or aesthetically-pleasing. 

Hang your bicycles on your garage bicycle mounts. Storing your means of transportation is what your garage does best. By using bicycle mounts, you can utilize the walls in your garage. 

For people with more than one bicycle, a bike rack is the best option. You can easily store up to three bikes with a bike rack. You will not have to lean your bikes somewhere in your house and worry about your bikes taking up all that space. 


Your garage may be the place you park your car. But, it can also serve as one big storage of your favorite knick-knacks. If you store your valuable items here, make sure they do not lay around and clutter the place. Use these storage solutions to keep everything in an orderly manner. 

As much as possible, keep your garage organized. Organizing your garage would mean that you can find things without a problem. Not to mention, it would make this area in your house a lot cleaner.

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