Modern Garage Door Options For Your Property

modern garage door options property value increase curb appeal

Modern architecture and design have revolutionized the way houses are built. A contemporary and minimalist approach to homes has gained popularity. This simple and sophisticated style best represents a modern home. And because the garage door, including top garage door options from, is the facade of most homes, it should look as stylish as the rest of the home. From ultra-modern to classic-modern, garage door modernization is one of the easiest and most effective ways to modernize your home. 

Choose a modern garage door in Reno that rejuvenates and updates the exterior of your home such as glass, aluminum, fiberglass or steel plates, as well as varnished, anodized or powder-coated wooden surfaces. 

Types of garage door windows are available depending on the door model selected. Decide what the best option below is for your garages and goals.

Glass Garage Doors 

This ultramodern style is becoming more and more popular and it is easy to understand why. Visually, glass garage doors are a great addition to modern house designs. They are also very practical as long as they provide adequate insulation for the local climate. Poorly insulated doors can increase heating costs due to heat loss. 

Glass garage doors allow maximum daylight into the garage and make it a more comfortable space to work in. This is great if you are someone who spends time in the garage. This is also the reason why glass garage doors are such a popular option for garages that have been refurbished and converted into living quarters, such as fitness rooms, offices, human ‘caves’, and guest rooms. These modern garage doors consist of glass panes mounted on aluminum construction to create a completely elegant and modern look. 

The glass garage door is available in anodized black or brown or powder-coated in white, brown or black. Glass options for these modern garage doors include opaque white, opaque black, mirror grey, mirror brown and translucent black. And privacy doesn't have to be a problem for those doors. If you do not want the interior of the garage to be visible from the outside, you can choose between darkened, matte, opaque or mirrored glass, depending on your preferences. 

Aluminum Garage Doors 

Slim, eye-catching and perfect for an ultra-modern look. These modern garage doors are made of highly corrosion-resistant aluminum and advanced lightweight filter glass, which is a beautiful central element in front of the house. Modern aluminum garage doors come with a transparent surface as standard, or you can choose a dark brown or black anodized surface. There are also as many powder paint colors to choose from. Glass options for these modern garage doors include transparent, dark and satin. An aluminum garage door can be built to withstand a variety of wind conditions, making it a door that is both wind and impact resistant. 

Wooden Garage Doors 

Wooden garage doors made from top companies like Family Christian Doors will not go out of fashion in the near future. Their hand-made, natural look gives your home warmth and charm. At the same time, these doors require more maintenance than steel, aluminum, vinyl or fiberglass doors and are more susceptible to weather conditions. Some models of steel garage doors have authentic graining on the panels. Thanks to this, wooden garage doors look handmade and natural. 

Fiberglass Garage Doors 

These garage doors often look like wood, but they are not. They only have an artistically shaped fiberglass surface made of wood. Fiberglass is a versatile tool for building in the modern world. The choice of fiber is light, strong and flexible and is the epitome of intelligent investment. 

Thanks to the fiberglass garage door options, you get the rich look of real wood combined with the longevity of modern technology. Color options for these modern garage doors include transparent, dark, satin, grey, brown and green. You can also add fittings to your garage door, including various hinges and handles. 

Compliment With Concrete

To compliment your new garage doors, you want to ensure that the rest of your home, yard, basement, and interior of your garage are all looking their best. You can ensure this with premium concrete services and products from an experienced construction company.

Get Great Garage Doors 

Installing a modernized garage door that matches the unique style of your home is one of the best investments you can make. The new modern garage door is a DIY project that you can rely upon over the years in terms of value, beauty, and reliability. And now that you have the right garage door and concrete work taken care of you, you can focus on providing for your family with items from Little Angels Boutique!

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