How to Save Money on Long Term Storage

how to save money on long term storage organize junk store items

Are you drowning in stuff? Caught up in clutter?

Don’t worry you are not alone! A recent survey shows that 1 out of every 7 adults feels like they have a clutter problem.

If you are looking to declutter your house, a long term storage facility can be the perfect solution. However, before you sign up, let us help you save some money.

Read on to learn the top tips for saving money on storage long term.

1. Whittle Down Your Storage Items

How much stuff are you planning on putting in storage? To save money on storage, you first have to get rid of the items you don’t need anymore. After all, you don’t want to pay money for junk, right?

Ask These Questions

There are 2 questions you can ask to help guide you as you decide what’s worthy of storing.

1. When is the last time I used this?

2. How soon will I be able to use this again?

If your answer to either question is more than a year, it’s probably something you can live without. You should only be storing things that you’ll be able to use within the next year or 2 at the most. Of course, sentimental items will be the only exception to this rule.

2. Search for Long Term Storage Discounts

Once you know exactly what you’ll be storing, you can begin to search for long term storage discounts. However, to give your belongings the best protection, we suggest you only shop at places that offer climate controlled storage options.

Go ahead and start calling different storage companies, and ask them to tell you about their cheapest ways to store. Next, find out if they have any ongoing specials they can offer you.

Since the self-storage industry is highly competitive, it’s common for businesses to offer first-time customer promotions and discounts. A big part of saving money on storage is shopping around. Keep calling storage facilities until you have several offers to compare.

3. Pack Things Yourself

Packing can seem like a daunting task, but it’s better to pack yourself than to have to pay a hefty movers bill. If you’re an inexperienced packer, don’t worry! You only need to know a few packing tips to safely store your items.

Here are the most important packing tips:

  • Don’t use plastic bags
  • Large boxes for lightweight things
  • Small boxes for heavy things
  • Buy a lot of boxes
  • Tape an X across frames and mirrors
  • Wrap furniture in cotton sheets

As you put everything in its appropriate box, make sure you label the box thoroughly. 

4. Choose the Right Size Unit

Are you unsure what size unit you need? Take a photo of the items you’re going to store sitting in a pile. Then you can take the photo with you to the storage facility to get their professional opinion.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure you go to a reputable, customer service-oriented facility that operates honestly. To find the best facility, look at customer reviews online.

Save on Storage

There you have it! Our top tips to help you save on long term storage. Whatever tip you follow, we’re glad we could help you save some money. For more ways to save, check out the rest of this site!

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