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A major hub for the manufacturing, education, and healthcare in Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore is among the fastest-growing cities in India. Every year students and young professionals come to the city in search of better education and employment opportunities. This has resulted in an increasing demand for rental accommodation. Looking for good accommodation is a lot of hassle because you have to keep in mind that the place you rent has to have a proper ambiance so that you are comfortable and don’t have to worry about mundane things like house-keeping and food. If you are looking for the best places to stay, you should check out areas like Avinashi Road, Saravanampatti, and Gandhipuram, which are well- connected, popular localities. 

Coimbatore offers an array of options when it comes to accommodation for students and young professionals. There are in-campus hostels, private hostels, paying guest accommodation, rental apartments, and professionally managed co-living properties to name a few. 

Affordability is one of the top factors for choosing an accommodation. Rental apartment/ PG charges are at times so exorbitant that a student from a middle-class family is bound to think twice before renting. Besides these higher charges do not warrant even basic facilities like good food, cleaning and maintenance, high speed WIFI among other things. Though rental apartments and even Paying Guest accommodations to claim to be affordable options – as they might have low upfront rents, but when you consider additional monthly expenses that you might need to source all your daily living needs, the cost shoots up. Another factor is security, often in best PGs in Coimbatore, the security is mixed with strict restrictions, impacting tenant freedom. 

While there are brokers who might help you search, they often charge hefty commissions and don’t always factor in all your needs when they attempt to make a sale. For example, sometimes you might not get to know if a PG is unregistered / or has been built without paying attention to safety norms like fire exits, etc. So, these are things that you must keep a track of. 

However, if you want a comfortable stay, then a professionally managed co-living operator is the answer to all your problems. There are companies like Stanza Living (Check: that provide all the services and facilities necessary for making life easier. They are furnished and serviced residences, offering you all the benefits of living in a home away from home. They take care of all your daily living needs under one roof – delicious meals, speedy internet, regular laundry and housekeeping, 24x7 security. They offer you privacy so while living with others and sharing space you still have enough space for the personal requirements. The rent includes all amenities such as good water supply, security, electricity, internet connectivity, CCTV, excellent food, a friendly environment with fitness centers, and most importantly a clean and sanitized atmosphere. 

These managed accommodation companies pay close attention to maintaining high hygiene standards. From an adequate supply of hand sanitizers and sops in facility areas to ensuring their operations team follows all hygiene protocols, they keep a strict eye on safety and wellbeing. These companies have also invested in arranging sanitation drives at their properties, following social distancing and other healthcare guidelines, minimizing consumer-staff interface, etc. 

Professionally managed accommodation operators are truly transforming the way students and professionals live. They’ve quickly adapted to preparing even safer places to live – giving people the comfort of a second home which is hassle-free, brings together a great community of like-minded people, and delivers a happy living experience.

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