Cannabis Is The Best Treatment In The Czech Republic

cannabis best treatment czech republic marijuana growing

"Where can I get the seeds?", "Why does the plant stretch up but not grow strong?", "How can I make an ointment out of it?"... You can come across these and other similar questions if you enter the word "hemp" in Czech search engines. This is not surprising: according to recent surveys, 97% of Czechs approve of the use of marijuana for medical purposes, moreover, marijuana is legally available in Czech pharmacies on prescription. Surprisingly different - these questions are asked by Czech pensioners. They know that it is forbidden to grow cannabis even at home, and that they may face criminal charges for the miserable five plants. 

But they also know something else: ointments and tinctures made of cannabis are excellent treatments for arthritis, Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis, and there is not enough pension to buy drugs made of cannabis. 

"Our typical client is a 60-year-old woman with cancer," said Dushan Dvořák, founder of the cannabis as a cure movement. Pan Dvořák researches the curative properties of cannabis, distributes seeds to all those suffering and even received an award from the Czech government for educating the public in this field. He had to suffer for the "proper" case: the police accused him of growing cannabis, destroyed all his crops, but in the end the case was closed. Dushan Dvořák opposes the State's arbitrary rule forbidding sick and elderly people to grow helping plants for their own needs. 

Fortunately, he says, the Czech old people themselves are getting bolder. Many of them are actively using the Internet, looking for information about growing and processing different types of cannabis, as well as like-minded people with whom they exchange recipes for ointments and marijuana dishes. 

Jan Raška, the creator of the site for active retirees, was surprised by the interest of his readers in hemp treatment. 

"When we published several articles on the healing power of cannabis, we were very surprised by the increased interest from the elderly. They wrote to us that they grow hemp at home and make different ointments out of it. That's why we started writing more on this topic and opened a section "Hemp Consultation" - the head of the chain "Hemp Pharmacies" answers the readers' questions. 

What diseases do people who grow cannabis at home seek salvation from? 

"These are, for example, MS, skin diseases, Parkinson's disease." 

Thousands of Czech pensioners were sent hemp seeds by Robert Veverka, the initiator of the project "Seeds for Pensioners", which started 5 years ago. "More and more pensioners and sick people started applying to our association "Legalization". They said that they needed medicinal marijuana, but do not know where to get it and how to treat it. We learned that for many people hemp derived cannabinoid products are the last hope for recovery, when traditional medicine can no longer help them. 

It was clear to us that we couldn't send these people marijuana - it would be punishable. But we decided to help them breed the cannabis ourselves. It's the most sensible alternative to buying cannabis on the black market, where it's sold on the inside out and of unknown quality. When we started this project, there was no possibility of legal purchase of marijuana in the Czech Republic. 

Aren't older people afraid that they will be prosecuted for breeding marijuana? Do they come to you with such questions? 

"Yes, of course. But for many retired and sick people, their health is far more important than the possible penalty for cannabis, and they consciously choose their health. They are willing to fight for their right to grow a plant that can alleviate their suffering. We offer our clients legal assistance in case they need it, but so far no one has approached us with such a request. But we have heard that the police are intimidating the elderly, taking away their crops and making suggestions that they should not do this again. And probably then these old people are afraid to grow marijuana again.

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