Top 11 Best YouTube Video Intro Makers

top youtube video intro makers

Nowadays, there are people who spend a good amount of time watching various movies on different platforms. The most popular website to watch videos is YouTube. The platform has nearly 2 billion users, and people from all around the world are joining every day. Three former PayPal employees first created YouTube in the year 2005. But the next year, Google bought the website for $1.65 billion. With its increasing popularity, YouTube is now the second most used social media platform and world's second largest search engine as well. According to a study, people spend around 40 minutes each day watching videos on YouTube. And the website also has 1 billion watch hours every day. This proves the popularity of the website among its users. YouTube is trying to introduce new features and make the site interesting for the audience. 

YouTube has a large number of content creators who are uploading a new video every day. Although recording a video might seem easy, there are various other aspects one should consider. The YouTubers are required to plan, shoot, and edit each video with details before uploading it on YouTube. There are many YouTube moviemakers available on the Internet that one can use. Having a good intro for your YouTube video is essential. The first few seconds of a video determines whether the audience will stay or click out. 

Why Should You Use A YouTube Intro Maker? 

When creating a video, people often don’t like to spend their time shooting an intro. Using a YouTube intro maker helps with the process without any extra work. The intro makers provide a variety of options for the customers, and the job gets done quickly. 

What Are The Guidelines For Creating A YouTube Intro?

Certain aspects that the YouTube video should have are: 

1. Long enough to tell the story and describe the video. 
2. Creative enough to grab the audience’s attention. 
3. The intro should not be more than 5 to 10 seconds or else, people tend to leave. 
4. Brand the video with logo, jingle, phrase or other aspects, which are unique to your channel. 

A YouTube intro maker helps the content creators cover the above-mentioned aspects without starting from scratch. The intro maker providers the users with in-built templates that are customizable and also easy to add graphics and other elements. There are various intro makers available on the Internet. Some of them might have certain features, which the others might lack. 

Top 11 Best YouTube Video Intro Maker 

Content creators can find a large number of intro makers on the Internet. Some of them are free to use, whereas some of them are costly. In this article, we will talk about some of the best YouTube intro makers that content creators can use for their intro. 

1. InVideos 

For content creators who are looking for software with an array of features should use InVideos. This is a free intro maker that comes with a good collection of templates. One can customize these templates according to the choice. Add various features such as audio, logo, sticker, animation, graphics, and many more to the intro. Also, following just a few simple steps, one can create the intro of their choice. 

2.  Clipchamp

Level up your video editing without leaving your browser using Clipchamp’s free YouTube intro maker. With customisable templates for Youtube intros, you can easily edit, add effects and export in 1080p in minutes. You can choose from their library of 800k+ stock video and imagery, add your channel name in text or logo, apply artistic filters, add exciting transitions and more. Clipchamp is currently used by 13 million+ users ranging from content creators to small businesses. It also works on Chromebooks.

3.  Intro Maker 

Although this is a lesser-known intro maker, the website is specially made to create intro videos for YouTube. One can create animated videos with logos for their channel. The interface is easy to use and makes the video in full HD at 1920 x 1080px. But one has to pay $5 for every catalog. 

4. IntroCave 

IntroCave is very easy to use and has a free option showing the company’s watermark. The website provides a variety of particle effects, which helps in improving the overall quality of a video. If people opt for a paid membership, then they will get excellent HD quality options. 

5. Panzoid 

If you are trying to make your YouTube intro look more professional, then opt for Panzoid. It has excellent animation tools, which one can use to create impressive videos. The users can also change the background of the video, and there will be a watermark for the free service. 

6. Flixpress 

One of the best intro makers is Flixpress. The website will help you create intro videos with customized text and images. You can make the video in high quality and preview it once it gets done. The standard format is MP4, but you can change it according to your choice. 

7. Filmora9 

It is a YouTube video editor that comes with various features, templates, presets, and animation. The interface is easy to use, and one can learn it within a few minutes. The website is not only good for YouTube intro video, but it is often used to create professional videos. 

8. Renderforest 

This website has been used to create over five million videos so far. It has a massive collection of templates and various customizable options. One can also modify the light, speed, and animation of the templates they choose. There are other additional services provided by Renderforest apart from making intro videos. 

9. Tube Arsenal 

Tube Arsenal is a new tool in the market but has some fantastic features. This tool is designed in a way so beginners can use it without any problem. They offer visually appealing flat design templates and particle effect-laden templates. But the customizable features are limited for this tool. 

10. Biteable 

Biteable is one of the easiest intro makers available on the market. They offer 2D intros that are polished and of good quality. The website is easy to use, and one can navigate it without any hassle. One can use this website to describe the content of your videos. 

11. Ivipid 

Ivipid is a straightforward tool with three basic three-step designs. Using this website, one can mimic famous brand intros. It is easy to use and affordable for the users, but the credit scheme might seem a bit confusing. The website lets the user upload the videos to the cloud and access them anywhere, which will help your video marketing efforts a great deal. 

Utilize These 11 Top YouTube Video Intro Makers Today

Using the websites and tools mentioned above content creators can make great intro videos for their YouTube channel. Use these top YouTube video tools today!

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