Convert Your Emails To PDF For E-discovery And Litigation

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Working in a law firm is a hectic job. You have to work long hours and pay attention to details. Missing out on a detail at work in a law firm can cost you a case. 

When you’re sending over e-discovery it can be difficult to round up all the emails and turn them into PDFs for your court or opposing counsel. It can take many hours to complete e-discovery and no one likes to do it. Luckily there are some tools out there that can quicken the process. 

If you need to convert emails to PDF then Email in Detail is one of your best choices. They provide law firms with accurate, flexible, feature-filled applications to prepare emails for e- discovery or litigation. 

As a law firm it can be expensive to pay paralegals to prepare emails for litigation. Instead, give them the tools to process thousands of emails and stamp bates at once. 

You also can rest assured that by using Email in Detail to process emails for e-discovery or litigation you won’t have to deal with human error. All your emails can be quickly converted to PDFs once you set the parameters. The algorithm handles all the work. 

Email in Detail is easy to use with clear interfaces and video instructions to guide you. You won’t have to deal with the lengthy process of going email-by-email and converting things yourself. Who has time for that in a busy litigation case? 

The application will extract attachments from the emails, sort them, and put them in the right format for others to read. 

They support 14 different file types including: .msg, .eml, .emlx, doc, txt, tiff and more. 

Think about how much money can be saved over years of using a tool to automate this process. It could easily save tens of thousands of dollars for your law firm within years of starting to use it efficiently. 

Paralegals can then be tasked to more important jobs such as research for a case, things that are money well spent. Nowadays more and more companies are coming up with applications that can save others money and improve the efficiency of their business. With new technology like this, law firms with a smaller workforce can accomplish more and deal with cases quicker than ever before. 

If you are a small law firm you can buy a single license for Email in Detail’s software and one person can use it, or you can get a bulk license and have up to six users on six different devices at once. 

This application is great for those in a rush to get e-discovery done. Perhaps you have a deadline and you need help at the last minute to get all the emails converted quickly. Once you register for the app you can begin using it within minutes for PDFs

So if you are tired of doing the boring task of converting your emails into PDF format and sorting them properly, then consider Email in Detail to handle the job for you.

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