4 Cost-Effective Restaurant Digital Marketing Strategies

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In this digital era, a restaurant's marketing is just as important as its food. Despite that, most restaurants don't bother with online marketing at all.

Even if a restaurant has a digital presence, chances are it's not making the most of it. Sure, getting photos, videos, and blog posts from your restaurant online can help. Without the right plan, though, mediocre restaurant digital marketing will provide little to no return.

Want to make sure your restaurant digital marketing strategy is on point? Here are 5 things that will help you out with your restaurant digital marketing without breaking your bank.

1. Social Media

Do you use social media to post images of your best-prepared food? This was a good way to reach customers, but now every restaurant under the sun is doing it. If you want to stand out, consider using social media to express your personality.

For example, you can put together short videos showing the dinner rush. This may include the creation of a dish from raw ingredients to the finished product. Don't forget to ask your foodie audience for feedback and tailor your specials for them.

2. Influencer Cross-Promotion

Word-of-mouth remains one of the most effective forms of marketing out there. This is why some restaurants invite local bloggers and critics to dinner. This is a great opportunity to show off your newest dishes and latest ideas.

The key thing to keep in mind is that your influencers must have a local following. If you're running a BBQ restaurant in Brooklyn, you'll want someone who covers that area. You can also cross-promote each other's networks to gain more followers.

3. Search Engine Marketing

These days, almost everyone uses search engines to find new places to eat. The higher you end up in their search results, the more likely they are to become new customers. One effective strategy is to embed your keywords as often as you can.

Other than keywords, you also need to consider the local factor. If someone in Washington feels like eating tacos, they may search for "tacos Capitol Hill." Hiring an internet marketing agency can help you find the best keywords for your needs.

4. Email Promotions

If you haven't been gathering info about your customers, it's high time to start. For instance, you can offer a monthly 2-for-1 deal to get people to sign up with you. You can use comment cards and promotional cards for the same purpose.

Then, create a spreadsheet of these names and their email addresses. If someone makes a repeat trip to your restaurant, target them through an email promotion. Consider offering free wine or dessert on days you anticipate to be slow.

More On Restaurant Digital Marketing

Here's one final piece of advice: don't try to do everything yourself. Running a restaurant business is already a full-time job -- you don't need to be a marketing expert on top of that. If you're getting overwhelmed, outsource some of the restaurant administrative or management work.

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